How to Make Fruit-Infused Ice Cubes

Infused water is a great way to get fast healthy hydration with just a bit of vitamins and
minerals. Moms who want to keep healthy drinks in the home for their kids have turned
to infused water as a substitute for the store-bought drinks or years, but what else can
you do with infused water? Ice cubes made of infused water can add a fun, flavorful
edge to your favorite drinks, so this article will be sharing just a few ways to make fruit
infused ice cubes.

What You Will Need

The first thing you always need to make infused water is a sealable container, like a
very large sealing jar. You will need some fresh fruits, herbs, and spices. Select only the
freshest ingredients. After that, find some ice cube trays. Trays can come in different
sizes and shapes, so you can feel free to get imaginative or find one that best suits your
purposes. Some trays will offer shapes other than cubes, like the kind that have 10 – 12,
4 to 5-inch ice sticks.

Mint Sage Cubes

These cubes can add some soothing and unique flavor to your drinks. Take some fresh
sage and mint and submerge in a water container. Let it sit for at least 3 – 4 hours. Once
it’s ready, pour it into the ice tray. Try to make sure that you get a small amount of mint
in each for looks and additional flavor as it melts. Place in the freezer until frozen and
you’ll have something that people remember for a long time with their drinks.

Cranberry Watermelon Sticks

If you can find these kinds of trays, then you’ll have some really cool flavorful ice for
some drinks. Place some cubed watermelon into the water along with some cranberries.
Berry drinks typically take a bit longer to infuse, so it might be a good idea to leave this
one overnight to gain its full flavor. Once it’s ready, you can pour the mix into the long
cube tray. Once frozen, you’ll have long ice pieces that can poke out of the drinks in an
attractive way.

Blueberry Lavender

Place some lavender pieces in the water with some blueberries and let it sit overnight.
Once the water is colored, place it in an ice cube tray and freeze with pieces in each
cube. It makes for an attractive and flavorful presentation!