What Are Some Common Mistakes People Make on Keto?

Any time you start a new diet, there is a learning curve where it takes some time getting
used to it, and the keto diet is no different. There tend to be some common mistakes
people make when they first start keto, but by knowing about them know, you can be
sure to avoid them.

Not Tracking Everything

The first thing you need to do when you are on the ketogenic diet is track absolutely
everything you consume. A common mistake people make is assuming they know their
carb amounts since they are eating a lot of low-carb foods, but are still going over those
20 net carbs a day. The only way to know for sure is to track your macros. This also
helps you keep an eye on other macros like your protein, fat, sugar, and fiber. Don’t
forget to also add in seasonings, oils, and flavorings as those sometimes contain carbs
as well.

Failing to Add in Enough Veggies

While some people can do the keto diet without any vegetables, it is not recommended.
You need your veggies for vitamins and minerals, particularly for fiber and reducing your
overall protein levels. Veggies help to keep you full and can combat some of your
cravings. Try to have at least one serving of vegetable a day, but preferably with each

Constantly Checking Your Ketones

When you are on the keto diet, you are trying to get into ketosis. This is what allows you
to lose weight as your body begins burning fat for fuel. Many people need to know they
are in ketosis so they will use strips and other monitoring devices to check their
ketones. There are many reasons your ketone levels might be off on certain days, so
the stress it produces is really not worth it. Just stick to your 20 net carbs a day, focus
on healthy eating with the right macros, and you should be just fine with staying in

Eating Too Much of Something

With any diet you are on, balance is key. Even on the ketogenic diet, you can have too
much of a good thing. Focus on portion sizes and balance out your meals and snacks
so that you are not constantly eating just one type of food all the time. There is a
possibility you are eating too much of one fat, too much dairy, too much cheese. Try to
mix up your meals and snacks, focusing on the overall nutrients as well as those net

Failing to Prep and Plan

Another common mistake people make is not planning ahead. Keto is one of those diet
plans where you really need to keep track of everything you eat. This makes it hard to
just grab something without knowing how many net carbs it contains. It is best that you
plan all of your meals and snacks ahead of time, and prep as much as you can so you
aren’t grabbing for a high-carb convenience food just because you’re not sure what to