Can You Drink Alcohol While on Keto?

After being on keto for a while, there may come a time when you want to go to happy hour with co-workers or enjoy a cocktail with friends or family. While this isn’t something you should do all the time, you can still have alcohol and follow the ketogenic lifestyle. Just like anything else, you … Read more

What Should You Know About Sugar Alcohols?

During the ketogenic diet, you will begin reading labels on anything and everything you purchase. While cutting back on processed and packaged foods is highly recommended, there are still times when you might want to get a low-carb treat or snack from your nearby supermarket. One thing you will notice with low-carb packaged foods is … Read more

What is Carb Cycling With a Keto Diet?

As you probably know, the ketogenic, or keto diet, requires you to follow an extremely low-carb diet. It is usually 20 net carbs a day, though some people can remain in ketosis with as little as 50 net carbs a day. There is a lot of talk about “cheat days”, where you eat what you … Read more

Why do You Have to Worry About Electrolytes on keto?

If you ever feel ill, especially with flu-like symptoms like dizziness or muscle weakness, you might have what is called the keto flu. This occurs when you are not getting enough electrolytes due to the changes in your food. Here are some things to know about the important electrolytes you need to focus on when … Read more

What Are Some Common Mistakes People Make on Keto?

Any time you start a new diet, there is a learning curve where it takes some time getting used to it, and the keto diet is no different. There tend to be some common mistakes people make when they first start keto, but by knowing about them know, you can be sure to avoid them. … Read more

Should You Exercise While on the Ketogenic Diet?

Exercise is an integral part of being healthy, not just for weight loss, but for heart health, joint health, and being strong and fit. If you are wondering if and when you should exercise while on the ketogenic diet, this information is for you. Benefits of Exercise One thing to remember is that exercise is … Read more

How do You Increase Your Keto Fiber?

There are many macros and nutrients you need to focus on while you are following the ketogenic diet, and one of them is fiber. You might not have paid much attention to your fiber intake before, but it is really important on keto. The reason is because without bread, grains, and legumes, you don’t have … Read more

How do You Get More Fat Into Your Keto Diet?

Are you on the keto diet, but struggling to reach your fat content? If so, you’re not alone. It might seem like fat would be easy to get more of, but not when you consider the goal is 70-75% of your daily intake of calories being from fat. This is a lot when you start … Read more

How to Increase Your Protein Doing Keto?

Traditional low-carb diets are a little different from ketogenic diets in that they promote high protein through meat, cheese, and other sources, while keto looks for moderate protein. This is not a diet where you have as much protein as you possibly can. However, you may still be struggling to get enough protein, especially if … Read more

What are the Side Effects of Being on Ketosis?

A big part of the ketogenic diet is entering ketosis, where your body produces ketones. When this happens, you begin burning fat for energy, helping you to lose weight at a more rapid pace. It isn’t always easy to know when you have reached ketosis, but there are definitely some side effects you can keep … Read more

The Keto Flu: What it is and What You Can do?

One of the most common questions asked from people who are doing the keto diet is why they feel ill in the beginning. This is often called the keto flu, since many symptoms mimic those symptoms of having the flu. The good news is that not only can it be avoided, but it is very … Read more

What are Some Good Low-Carb Fruits?

As you know, the ketogenic diet is an extremely low-carb diet, consisting mostly of meat and seafood, cheese, veggies, nuts and seeds, and lots of healthy fats. While fruit is not at the top of the approved list, there are some that you can have as long as you stay under your required macros for … Read more