Accessories Used in Pilates

Pilates is an excellent exercise if you are looking to tone your muscles and increase
flexibility. While Pilates focuses more on your core, many of the moves are also good
for other areas of your body. Pilates happens to be a workout that is often thought about
as something you can do without any equipment, but there are actually quite a few
accessories that would turn it into a full body workout. Here are some different
accessories to consider using for your Pilates workout.

Exercise Balls

There are not one, but two different types of balls you can use with Pilates. The first is
an exercise ball, sometimes referred to as a medicine ball. This type of ball is a larger
size, and used for more types of exercises than just Pilates. You can use exercise balls
in a number of different ways for your workouts, from leaning on the ball with your back
and doing situps for abs, to sitting on them in order to work on your balance and
posture. For Pilates, the exercise balls are used in various moves. You may fit the ball
between your ankles and move your legs up as you move your upper body in a tight
crunch that engages your core. There are standing and floor moves that is works great

The other type of ball you can use for your Pilates workouts is the mini ball. This is used
specifically for Pilates and other similar workouts. It is smaller in size, up to about 9
inches in diameter. You are able to use this ball for even more moves, making them a
little more difficult and using more muscles with the ball.

Foam Rollers

If you buy a Pilates package with multiple items to help with the workouts, it will likely
include foam rollers. These are also used for different types of workouts, though many
people prefer to use them for their Pilates workouts. These rollers are made of soft or
firm foam, are affordable, and help provide more stability for your different exercises.
They can also be used to massage your tired and sore muscles after the Pilates

Pilates Ring

There is also a Pilates ring, sometimes called a magic ring. This is a large ring that is a
little flexible, but mostly a solid piece of equipment. You can hold it between your ankles
as you move your legs up and down to work on your abdominal muscles, or lay on your
side with the ring between your legs to do various exercises.