Foam Rolling Pilates Moves

One of the top accessories recommended for Pilates is the foam roller. This can also be
used for other workouts, but people like to incorporate it into their daily core
strengthening Pilates routine. Here are some moves you are able to do with the foam

Ab and Hamstring Exercise

This first move that uses the Pilates foam roller is going to work both your core and your
hamstrings, providing a good lower body workout. You will lay down with your stomach
facing the mat, but put the foam roller under where your abdomen will be. Bend your
legs so that your heels can move up and work your glute muscles. Bring your arms back
to take hold of your ankles and hold the position as long as you can, then release it. You
can repeat this a few times until you feel a good burn.

Upper Body Foam Roller Move

The foam roller can also be used for some upper body Pilates-style moves. One of them
is done by putting the foam roller underneath you while laying face-down on the mat,
but this time it should be moved a little lower underneath your hips. You should be in a
push up position where your upper torso meets the mat on the ground. Look up and
arch your body until you feel your midsection and back start to stretch.

Another way to use it for an upper body workout is by sitting on the roller and place both
hands behind you on the ground. Arch your back, look up, and let your chest and upper
arms get a good stretch.

Using the Roller For Classic Pilates

The foam roller can also just be used for the classic Pilates moves and exercises, not
specific roller moves. Think of any moves you would do and how it can use a little more
support from the foam roller. Perhaps you want to rest it underneath your knees so that
extending your legs out is still a good workout, but not quite as difficult. This would be
really good to do when you are first starting out, because your abs are still being
worked, but you have that extra support underneath your legs. Then when you feel
comfortable doing so, remove the roller and do the entire Pilates exercise.

Keep the roller close to your Pilates mat during each session so you can grab it as