Pilates 101: An Overview

Pilates is a popular workout when you want to tone your body without weights or fancy
gym equipment. It is something you can do anywhere, and very effective when you are
consistent. It was originally invented by Joe Pilates, who wanted to help people align
their spine, strengthen their core, and be aware of their muscles. Here are some things
to know about Pilates.

What Pilates Does For Your Body

The first question you might be asking yourself is why you should do this type of
workout. It is in fact similar to yoga, but it isn’t the same thing nor should you have to
choose one or the other. Yoga is great, but Pilates provides some unique benefits for
your body and toning it. Pilates moves really to work out your core, which is the primary
reason to do the workout. It helps to flatten your tummy and strengthen your ab
muscles. Then it also targets some other areas of your body, including your legs,
buttocks, arms, shoulders, and back.

You Can Do the Workout Anywhere

Another thing to know about Pilates is that while there are classes, you can easily do
this right from home. There are videos found online, DVDs you can purchase, and even
books that will provide images and descriptions of the different moves. However, if you
like to be in a community of others enjoying the same workout, you might like Pilates
classes. The great thing about this workout is that you can travel and still do it right in
your hotel room.

There Are Different Forms of Pilates

You will also notice that there are many different types of Pilates you can do. There is
the classic form, with Joe Pilates’ 23 basic moves. Plus contemporary Pilates mixing
some different techniques, often including yoga or cardio workouts. You may be
interested in reformer Pilates, which uses a workout machines called a reformer. This
moves your body in different ways, but provides more stability for the different workouts.
Then there are specific types of Pilates like Power Pilates and Stott Pilates.

If you are interested in trying this workout, don’t feel too pressured to get everything
right the first time. It is working your core and strengthening your muscles, but it does
take some practice. Some of the moves can be a little advanced, but the more you do
them, the easier they become.