Ways to Use a Pilates Ring

A Pilates ring is a type of ring accessories that can be used for your Pilates workouts.
There are many moves you can do with it, providing more variation in your workouts.
Here are some different methods for using the Pilates ring.

Hold Onto the Ring For Roll-Ups

The Pilates ring is held in different ways in order to get a good workout from it. One
good way is actually to hold onto to the ring. For example, if you are doing a typical
Pilates roll-up where your legs are extended and lifted slightly, while you roll up the top
part of your torso into a crunch, you would typically extend your arms up above your
head. Instead of doing that, you can hold onto the ring with flat hands on either side of
the handle as you lift your arms up.

Try Side Lifts With the Ring

This will work your abs and your legs for an excellent lower body workout. To do this
exercise, lay on your side and place the Pilates ring between your ankles. You can now
try to lift your legs with the ring in place up from the ground as much as possible. This
may be a little hard to do in the beginning, but soon you will really feel the burn in your
upper thighs and buttocks. You should also tighten your abs at the same time to work
those abdominal muscles as well. Make sure you switch to the other side so that you
work both legs evenly.

Use the Ring For Thigh Moves

This is a super easy thigh exercise you can do with your Pilates move, where it is going
to work out more muscles than just your abdominals. You can lie on your back on the
mat with your legs apart, putting the ring between your thighs. When you have it resting
between your thighs, push them together slightly to pulsate, then release. Try to do this
for about 10 reps, holding the last one for 10 seconds. Repeat as many times as you
can. To also work your abs, hold your arms above your head and lift your body slightly
to work your abdominal muscles at the same time.

The good thing is that these rings are usually sold with instructional booklets or DVDs
that show you some different moves you can try out.