How to Make a Smoothie Bowl Without Bananas

Smoothie bowls allow you to have a delicious, fruity smoothie in the morning that is
thicker and can be eaten with a spoon. However, if you don’t like bananas or can’t eat
them, it can be hard finding a recipe that works for you. Luckily, there are some options

Thicken it Up With Vanilla Powder

Bananas provide multiple purposes in your smoothie bowl. They can replace the ice
when your banana is frozen, allowing you to have a thicker smoothie that is also cold
and frothy just like you like. Bananas also give you something tasty to sweeten up the
smoothie bowl, and of course have just the right consistency for a thicker smoothie.
However, you might be allergic to bananas, don’t have them available, or simply don’t
like them, so you are looking for an alternative. You need to have a thicker smoothie
bowl without bananas, which is often done by using vanilla protein powder or any other
flavor protein powder. This thickens it up as long as you have enough liquids to add to
the smoothie.

Use Other Frozen Fruit

To fix the problem of using your frozen banana as the “ice” in the smoothie, just use
other frozen fruit instead. Many types of fruit can be easily frozen and will work great in
your smoothie, including frozen strawberries and blueberries, frozen tropical fruit like
kiwi and watermelon, and even frozen apple slices. Freeze any fruit you want, put it in
containers or freezer bags, then remove it and toss in the blender when you’re ready to
make your smoothie bowl.

Add More Yogurt and Nut Butter

Another way to thicken up your smoothie without using a banana is to use yogurt and
nut butter, or just one or the other. This is not only going to make it thicker so the
smoothie works well in a bowl, but it adds the right texture you are missing by not using
a banana. Of course, if you are also using an acai pack, that will also help with the
smoothie bowl consistency. There are many types of yogurt you can use, from
unsweetened yogurt to low-fat, Greek, or even low sugar yogurt if you are on a low carb

Don’t be afraid to experiment a little with your smoothies so that you get the perfect
smoothie bowl without ever having to use a banana.