Using A Weight Lifting Chart

The history of weight lifting in ancient period of prehistoric tribes has major importance, in that period the testing of manhood was done by weight lifting. But today for many it’s a sport and for some it’s just a way to keep in shape.

Using a weight lifting program chart, it helps with a weekly routine. Which can begin with fat burning, strength gaining and finally building strong muscle through heavy weight lifting. For every program, there must be concrete plan to achieve success so a solid plan should be honestly implemented to get the desired results.

The program should be split so that the body gets proper rest. It will be a great idea to divide the week in three parts and make three weight lifting programs according to which parts of the body you want to target.

Weight lifting program chart start with the exercise of chest, shoulder and tricep should be completed on the same day. It will be good for the body if you can complete the scheduled task on the same day.

This is a common weight lifting program practiced by lot of professionals. Many like to do their exercise on alternate day means they do workout on Monday and take rest on Tuesday and on the same routine they practice it for other weekdays. This type of program gives a proper rest, your body regains the strength to workout more with complete energy. This is another common weight lifting program practiced.

Weight lifting benefits can achieved faster with a proper weight lifting program; it will also reduce the chances of sustaining a serious accident during workouts. Weight lifting is not easy doing it by youself, it requires technique to get effective results. So if you have someone to workout with, that will help to get the correct technique and form. Another thing which is vital before weight lifting, is warm up before starting your workout.

Try between ten to twenty minutes before getting started with weights. One more thing, which is very much important before weight lifting, is to stretch your muscles, that’s in the workout routine.

It is better to start with a weight that you can easily handle at least ten to twelve repetitions, if you struggle the weight is too heavy and you probably lose some form, which will not help and could cause damage.