Adopting from Russia

North Americans are now adopting from Russia. Adoption organizations such as Children’s Hope International are working with prospective adoptive parents who choose to adopt from Russia. There are children of all ages waiting for adoption in Russia. There are usually more boys than girls available for adoption as well as many children with special needs, as well as older children. Children’s Hope International places children from orphanages and baby hospitals with adoptive parents and families. Adoption agencies such as this work with the prospective adoptive parents from the application process to the day when they actually hold their adoptive child in their arms.

When adopting from Russia or any foreign country, having an organization such as Children’s Hope International (CHI) working with the individuals and for them, is a great asset. For example, CHI makes all arrangements for the adoptive parents inside of Russian such as airport transfers and hotel reservations. They have Russian coordinators who are very knowledgeable about the adoption process and who meet and assist the adoptive parents during their entire visit to Russia. The entire adoption is completed in Russia which means the adoptive parents will be compelled to visit Russia for important procedures such as the court hearing. Being in a foreign country can be very intimidating for prospective adoptive parents. This is why organizations such as CHI are essential. For more information about Children’s Hope International, use one of the Internet’s popular search engines and you’ll find all the detailed information you need about CHI and International adoption.

Adopting from Russia has no age requirements. Most adoptive parents however, are between 25 and 55 years of age. Adoptive parents over the age of 45 are generally matched with a child over 18 months old. Adoptive parents are not required to be married to adopt from Russia. Single women are eligible to adopt from Russia if they can prove to have above average financial ability. They must also show evidence of an excellent plan for the care of the adopted child if they intend to work. Another requirement of single women when adopting from Russia is a psychiatric evaluation for the Russian Government. Single women are only permitted to adopt on child at a time. Prospective adoptive couples who have been divorced two times or more may find it difficult if attempting to adopt from Russia.

As with any foreign adoption, when adopting from Russia adoptive parents can expect the process to be expensive. The adoptive parents are responsible for all administrative fees, legal fees, medical fees and any other expenses which are related to the adoption process. When adopting from Russia travel costs can be very expensive since the adoptive parents are expected to spend time in Russia. Since the adoption takes place in Russia, they will be compelled to return for court proceedings and any other necessary meetings. Adopting from Russia, prospective adoptive parents can expect to pay approximately $30,000. This may sound like a whole lot of saving and borrowing but in comparison to the joy and happiness an adoptive child can bring, there is no comparison.