The Controversy over Same Sex Couples and Adoption

Same sex couples have long been under scrutiny in our society. With so many prejudices against them it can be hard for them to do many things other couples do. One of them is adopting a child. This is due to the majority of society not agreeing with their chosen lifestyle. There are also concerns … Read more

Foster Care Adoption Programs are Affordable

One of the big drawbacks when it comes to adoption is the cost involved. Not all couples are able to come up with the funding required. They also know it can be a long wait to get their hands on a child to call their own. This is why many couples turn to foster care … Read more

The Facts about Adoption

There are many different forms of adoption, but the definition of it involves being legally cared for by someone that isn’t your biological parent. In some cases such as step parent adoption one parent is biological but the other one isn’t. Most of the time though a child that is adopted won’t be raised by … Read more

How do I Adopt an Older Child?

The idea of adoption is one that many people find to be a good match for them. However, most of the time the focus is on infants and younger children. This is so the family adopting them can feel that they are a part of the family from the very start. There is often a … Read more

The Process of Adopting a Child from another Country

Due to the length of time it can take to adopt a child locally, many people have turned to outside sources. They are adopting children from other countries so that they can have a child in their home. They also do this because of the information we have on these children being abandoned and living … Read more

Introducing an Adopted Child to Friends and Family

When a baby is born it is natural for it to be introduced to friends and family members. This is often done through a part or people just stopping by after the mother and child have come home from the hospital. There is plenty of joy for a household when they adopt a child as … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Adopting more than One Child at a Time

Most of the time adoption involves taking in one child at a time. However, there are circumstances where more than one is involved. For example a pregnant woman that you will be adopting a baby from ends up giving birth to twins. You have the legal right to adopt both of them and most people … Read more

Is Adoption Right for me?

There are many different reasons why people can’t have children of their own. As a result they may be considering adoption. It may surprise you that some individuals can naturally have a baby but choose not to. They may have a family history of serious medical problems or mental health concerns. As a result they … Read more

Understanding the Law and Adopting a Child

Many people are confused by the laws that pertain to adopting a child. It is a process where you must jump through many hoops. It is also a waiting game because the child’s best interest must be taken into consideration. At the same time there are laws that protect the rights of the biological parents. … Read more

What are the Basic Requirements if I want to Adopt?

While the specifics of adoption will vary, there are some basic requirements you will need to follow. Sometimes the chance to adopt privately with someone you know comes along. However, you still need to make sure everything is done legally. Hire a good attorney that specializes in family law to go over all the documentation … Read more