Introducing an Adopted Child to Friends and Family

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When a baby is born it is natural for it to be introduced to friends and family members. This is often done through a part or people just stopping by after the mother and child have come home from the hospital. There is plenty of joy for a household when they adopt a child as well. Friends and family will be just as curious and anxious to meet the new child under those circumstances as well.

It is a good idea not to plan any type of celebration though until the child has been delivered. This is because there can be complications or delays that come up at the last minute. This can be extremely difficult for the adoptive parents to handle, so they don’t nee the burden of contacting people to cancel a gathering. Some of the friends and family may be coming from out of town too which only compounds the issue.

Plus, it is natural for the adoptive parents to want some time to bond with their child before they have to share it with everyone else. This is a very special time in their lives and one that will transform it forever. Don’t allow friends or family members to pressure you into committing to an elaborate gathering or party either if you don’t want one. You may decide to have an open house with some refreshments for a given weekend where people can come and go as they are able to. This way they can see the new child and they can wish you well.

If you are adopting an older child you may wish to include them in the process of introducing them to friends and family members. They may be very shy so they will have too much anxiety for a huge party that is focused on them. Perhaps smaller groups in a more intimate setting could be right for them. For other children, they may not have had a party for them yet in their life so this can be a new experience that they will enjoy.

Older children need to know what to call those they are introduced to as well. This is a common factor that many adoptive parents overlook. When you explain this to them as they meet new people though it really will help them to feel welcome and as a part of your family. Make sure they feel comfortable to ask any questions as they meet these new people that they will come to know.

There is really no right or wrong way to celebrate this happy time in your lives. It is up to each family what they feel will work best for them and for the child they have brought into their home. Don’t feel pressure from society to do something other than what you want. It can be very basic such as a picnic at the park where you invite people or a gathering at your home.

If others wish to host this type of event for you then you can accept the invitation or you can deny it. If you accept it, you have every right to make some ground rules for it though such as how large the event will be or how elaborate. With such a structure to it you can be confident that the introduction of your adopted child will be an experience that everyone finds to be pleasant.

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