The Controversy over Same Sex Couples and Adoption

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Same sex couples have long been under scrutiny in our society. With so many prejudices against them it can be hard for them to do many things other couples do. One of them is adopting a child. This is due to the majority of society not agreeing with their chosen lifestyle. There are also concerns that growing up in such an environment can result in a child being gay. However, there is no scientific evidence to support that claim at all.

Some states do allow same sex couples to adopt a child including California. Others though are very strict about it including Florida. They want the traditional type of family to care for this child. That is why may same sex couples lie on applications and they only have one person apply such as for a single parent adoption. A common concern in society is that it will be difficult for a child to grow up with two parents of the same sex.

However, there have been extensive studies on children that do live with same sex couples. Most of them are fine with the situation even though they realize it is different from that of other people they know. By the same token, these studies indicate that sexual orientation doesn’t affect the type of parent a person will be in any way.

Therefore if same sex couples attend the same types of counseling and parenting classes that other adoptive couples do they should have the same rights. Some of these couples have relocated to states where they will have a better chance of successfully adopting a child. That shows they are dedicated to seeing this occur for them. Yet such efforts are only ways for them to get around the system, and not to see it change. This is why same sex couples continue to fight for their rights to adopt children all over the country.

With the laws being what they are, more same sex couples find that they are able to complete the adoption process. However, there are some entities such as Church related adoption programs that prohibit it based on their religious beliefs. There are also some programs that just allow one of the members of the couple to apply for the adoption of the child. This can be difficult for the couple as they both want to be a part of it.

For same sex couples, adopting a child can be more of a challenge than for everyone else. However, it is possible so if you fall into this category you should definitely explore your options. You certainly shouldn’t have to give up on your dreams of having a child due to your sexual preferences. It has no barring on how well you are able to care for a child. You may have to explore the different adoption agencies in order to find one that will allow you to apply.

Another option may be to go with a private adoption. This is one you follow through with the natural parents and through legal representation. There is no adoption agency in the middle of things that can be a barrier for you. There is more time involved for you to go through a private adoption. Yet if you really do want a child then this can be a very good option for same sex couples to explore.

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