What is Private Adoption?

A private adoption is one that takes place between the birth parents and the adoptive parents. It is done without any adoption agency being involved as a third party. As a result the custody of the child is legally transferred directly from the natural parents to the adoptive parents. It is important to have excellent legal representation in such an adoption process though. You certainly don’t want to leave any aspects uncovered that could be a problem later on.

The specifics of what will occur with a private adoption has to do with the laws in a given area. You should familiarize yourself with the basics involved in this. With a private adoption the natural parents often select who they wish for their child to go to. Then they give up all their legal rights. This is different from an open adoption where they will remain in contact. Sometimes they do though but it depends on the circumstances and the wishes of all involved.

Private adoption often occurs among people that know each other so it is easier for them to make that decision to stay in touch with each other. For example a young teenager girl may allow her aunt to adopt her child so they still have a relationship with each other. There are many private adoptions though where the people only meet each other through the process of one having a child to give up and one looking to adopt.

Many people love private adoption because they feel that they have more control over the process. They don’t have to conform to the regulations of any given adoption agency. Most of the time the legal fees involved in it will be considerably less than what an adoption agency requires to cover fees. For those that want to adopt an infant, they can often take custody within days of the birth. It can be a much longer process when there is an adoption agency involved for it all to be finalized.

The wait time also seems to be less when you go with a private adoption. You will be able to contact people online, through ads in newspapers, and even through contacts of your own. By spreading the word that you have a wonderful environment to raise a child in you will get plenty of responses. With an adoption agency they are working with many people so you aren’t always going to be their first priority.

However, it is important to realize you will be doing more of the work when you go with a private adoption. That can be very stressful a well as time consuming. Many people don’t have the time to put into searching for a child on their own. Others are very intimidated by the process or they are afraid they will get taken advantage of.

Make sure you carefully weigh what you are getting yourself involved in with a private adoption. It may not be the best way for you to get the child you have been waiting for. Other people have found it to be the only method that they were willing to commit to. This is a decision each person has to make so don’t feel pressured into it.

You can anticipate a private adoption costing from $10,000 but it will depend on the specifics involved. The fact that it does cost so much less than working with an adoption agency can motivate you to consider it. That could mean you are able to afford to adopt a child now instead of several years down the road.

There is plenty of great information online and through non profit organizations about private adoption. You can also talk to other people that have taken part in it to see how it worked for them. The more information you have about private adoption the easier your decision will be to walk away from this option or to commit to it.