Common Cat Skin Care Signs and Treatments

Cat skin is very tough compared to other animals, and they are natural groomers ensuring that their skin and coat are kept very clean. However, cats are very prone to skin infections, and problems that can result in your cat becoming very unwell. You will need to ensure that you keep an eye on your cat, and take it for regular checkups for the vet to check them over. Most skin problems you will be able to see, and feel when stroking and grooming your cat. However, some may be more difficult to determine.

Your cat will be susceptible to infestations, allergies, and skin infections making it uncomfortable for them. Something as simple as a food or grass allergy can have your cat scratching, licking, and in some cases ripping their own fur out. You will need to observe your cat’s behavior to determine if they have some type of skin care problem. If your cat is bad tempered, grooming more than usual, or their personality has changed it might be an idea to investigate further.

Cats suffer from feline acne, and although this may be surprising it is very common. Stress, poor diet, and bad grooming can lead to many pimples appearing on your cats chin. This acne can be treated very easily with medicated shampoos, or creams. If the acne has lead to a bacterial infection your vet may prescribe antibiotics. Many skin care problems will lead to bacterial infections that will need further treatments. You will need to take your cat to the vet for the exact diagnosis of the skin problem, and the best treatment for it.

Ringworm is a very common skin problem with cats, and is a form of fungus that can spread very quickly. It usually appears in kittens, and very young cats, and will affect their faces, necks, ears, and forelimbs. Once this skin care problem is detected it can be treated easily, however, it may reoccur several times. Another fungus problem that may affect your cat is located in their ears. The cat’s ears may become inflamed, red, and very sore. Your cat may scratch their ears constantly causing the problem to get worse, and they will need treating straight away.

Dermatitis is the most common type of skin problems in cats, and can affect all breeds in many different environments. Often a change in washing detergent on their bedding, or a change of food will cause it. Fleas and dust are also two very popular causes of this easily detected problem, and you need to discover the cause before you can treat it. Slowly determine what has changed in your cat’s environment recently. This should be easy to do, and remove from their lives ensuring that the allergic reaction stops.

Older cats may suffer from skin lumps, and they are not always necessarily cancerous. However, you will need to have them checked, and treated by a vet. Dandruff is also common in older cats, and you may need to assist them with grooming to ensure that their coats are kept clean and healthy. Knowing your cat is essential, and ensuring that you look after them well will keep them healthy and free from problems.