Bengal Cat Care to Ensure Your Cat Is Happy

Bengal cat care is very similar to other cat care; however, this unusual breed of cat does require certain requirements. Although this breed of cat is a domestic cat, they are a hybrid breed that has become very popular to own. They are very loving, energetic cats that want to play, and have all of … Read more

Taking Care of Feral Cats

Feral cat care is not the same as domestic cat care, although one is dealing with the same animal. It is the social structure that differs, and humans who take care of feral cats need to be aware of how to reduce populations and disease risk to both domestic cats and humans in the area. … Read more

A Bundle of Joy: Caring for a Kitten

Kitten care can be daunting, but rewarding. Safety tips to keep in mind are do not pick up a kitten by the scruff of the neck, do not give them cow’s milk, give kittens six weeks with their mother before adopting them, and keep your kittens indoors until they have been vaccinated. Kittens develop quickly, … Read more

Taking care of your Cat Dental Care

Cats have teeth, so cat owners need to pay attention to cat dental care. It is not something that we often consider necessary, but some common sense can ensure that your cat and his or her teeth remain healthy. Preventing peridontal disease, feline stomatitis, FORL, and malocclusion through a good cat dental care habit is … Read more

Caring for your Siamese Cat

Siamese cat care need not be a huge mystery. These lovely animals are very easy to care for and do a lot of self-care. For example, grooming and bathing on a Siamese can be left largely to the cat itself, with the addition of occasional brushing, on account of their smooth, short, and fine coat. … Read more

Taking care of your Pregnant Cat

We will all be faced with being adopted by a stray cat. Should that stray be female and pregnant, you will need to know a few things about pregnant cat care in order to determine your course of action with that animal. Of course, knowing what to do for a pregnant cat can help you … Read more

Cat Care Tips Every Pet Owner Must Know

Every new pet owner must learn as many cat care tips as possible for obvious reasons. These tips will make life easier for the human as the primary caretaker of the cat and for the cat as one of man’s companion in the house. In essence, man and feline will benefit from taking care of … Read more

The Best Cat Eye Care Practices

Keeping your cat’s eyes healthy is not hard. Cat eye care can be included in your standard grooming practices and does not take that much extra time. It all starts with a simple at home inspection. You can do this in any well-lit room, and you simply need to look your cat in the eyes. … Read more

Cat Health Care for Three Common Feline Illnesses

As with other pets, proper cat health care is important toward good quality and longevity of life among domestic felines. It must be noted that cats can suffer from many health problems from parasites, fleas and worms to infectious diseases, chronic illnesses and even cancer. You must learn to recognize the symptoms of certain common … Read more

Three Changes to Adopt for Elderly Cat Care

Cats like their human counterparts will also experience physiological changes that come with the aging process. As such, elderly cat care considerably differs from caring for kittens and adult cats especially when it comes to daily care. Veterinary visits also become more frequent with the obvious goal of diagnosing diseases and disorders as early as … Read more

Cat Illnesses That You Need To Know About

Cat illnesses can range from very mild to extremely severe, and you will need to understand a vast majority of them. You may feel that learning about every disease and illness your cat may contract is too much. However, this knowledge could save your cats life when they need you the most, and enable you … Read more

Tips in Choosing the Best in Three Cat Care Products

Cat care products are the best investments that a pet owner can make toward the maintenance of health in their domestic felines. These products provide for good nutrition, good sleep and other aspects of the good life where cats are concerned obviously. But since you are neither a cat nor a human with the ability … Read more