Common Feline Health Issues Your Cat May Have

Feline health is something that you need to research well, and fully understand before looking at getting a cat. There are some health issues that are unknown, and can cause concerns with new cat owners. A great number of cats will lead a very long and healthy life; however, some do contract different health problems. Not all of them are serious, but it is worth understanding them all to insure your cat is kept at its healthiest.

There are several different health problems that can affect your cat, and although many are found in all cats others are hereditary. Learning all of the different problems, and the best way to treat them is very important. Taking your cat to the vet for regular checkups will ensure they are kept in the best possible health. Your vet will be able to advice the best diet, and care to ensure your cat is well looked after and healthy.

Worms are a very common problem for cats, and are often a reoccurring problem. There are several different varieties that can affect your cat. These include roundworm, tapeworm, and hookworms in some cases heart worm may also be a problem. These can be easily treated when detected, and if left they can kill your cat. If you notice that your cat is struggling to put weight on, and has fleas they are likely to have worms. If in doubt taking them to the vets will determine the type of worms, and course of treatment needed.

Hairballs are the most common feline health issue, and can affect all cats no matter what their breed is. Due to the fact that cats clean themselves regularly throughout the day their hair is often ingested. This hair may gather into a ball, and cause a blockage in your cat’s digestive tract. You will notice that your cat is trying to dislodge the hairball by coughing, and spluttering. In most cases the cat will dislodge the problem all over the floor. However, in extreme cases the hairball will pass through to the intestines and become stuck.

If your cat becomes lethargic, and unable to eat and drink after coughing a great deal they will need to be taken to the vet immediately. A stuck hairball can be life threatening to your cat, and will need to be removed by surgery. You can help your cat by grooming them regularly, and removing the loose hair from the coat. There is also specific food that you can feed your cat to help break down the hairballs. There are some serious feline health problems that can be fatal for your cat including FIV or cat AIDS as it is better known. There are no vaccines for this disease, however, it is often other illnesses that will affect your cat.

The largest killer of cats until recently was FLV, which is a form of cat leukemia. There is thankfully a vaccine for this disease; however you should keep your cat away from other cats as it is hugely infectious. With the large number of feline health problems it is essential that you ensure that your cat is kept vaccinated, wormed and in general good health. This will ensure that you are providing the best possible care for your beloved cat.