House Cat Care for the New Additions to the Zoo

The good news for first-time owners of felines is that house cat care is as easy as can be in comparison with caring for other house pets. This is because cats are relatively self-sufficient creatures that are happy for as long as their food and water bowls are full and their litter boxes and beds are clean. Still, you will want to know of certain tips for proper care for the new additions to the zoo, er, household.

It must be emphasized that caring for kittens and cats are different in many ways. But you don’t have to worry about memorizing thick texts of veterinary manuals as these differences are subtle instead of being separated by oceans.

Care for Kittens

If you decide to adopt a kitten from the local shelter, your preliminary efforts at house cat care are easier for many reasons. The staff has usually implemented a few essential measures to train the kittens in preparation for adoption into a home. Plus, kittens can easily adapt to other animals already present in the household, which is a boon when your other pets are a mix of dogs and cats.

Caring for kittens can be made easier with the following tips:

• Let the veterinarian check on their health as soon as possible. You want to ensure that their vaccinations are up to date, their physical conditions are up to par and their behavior is up to training standards. Or at the very least, you are made aware of potential problems and their best solutions.
• Purchase the necessary supplies for proper house cat care even before bringing the kitten home. Your checklist must include food and water bowls; kitten food, treats and supplements; litter box, bed and carrier; collars, leashes and harnesses; combs; and even toys and scratching posts.
• Be sure to educate the kids and adults about proper handling of the kittens.

You will find that caring for kittens is such a joy after a few days in the house. Their antics are worthy of more than a few loud laughs and good memories.

Care for Cats

If you opt for an adult cat for adoption, you have to tweak a few of the abovementioned tips for caring for kittens. This is especially true for the introductions of the cat to the other pets in the household. Keep in mind that adult cats are territorial animals, too, and may not be welcomed into the household pack as easily as the kittens were by, say, the older dogs.

As such, you must give the new cat and the old cats the sufficient time to get used to one another. Minor fights over territory can erupt but you must try to avoid showing any signs of favoritism lest one feels left out than the other. Take note that proper house cat care also involves looking after the feline’s mental welfare as well as its physical needs.

Of course, you must also let the veterinarian take a look at the adult cat’s physical condition. Litter boxes must be kept clean, meals of cat food must be regular given at least 2 times a day, and playtime must also be provided for physical fitness.

Indeed, there’s a good reason that cats are recommended pets for children, the elderly and busy individuals. Proper house cat care is easy-peasy, after all.