Persian Cat Care To Make Your Pet Feel Like the Shah

Contrary to popular opinions, proper Persian cat care is similar to responsible care for other cat breeds such as the American shorthair, British longhair and the Ragamuffin. Certain concessions must be made to account for the Persian cat’s unique physical characteristics of shortened muzzle, round face and long hair as well as its placid nature.

You can also choose to pamper your Persian cat. This is, after all, the cat imported from Persia – the land of the majestic shahs and the country we now know as Iran. We suggest not overdoing the on the pampering ways as there is such a thing as a spoiled brat for a cat, which nobody will want either.

Food and Water

Proper Persian cat care starts with good nutrition to achieve the desired physical qualities in the breed. High-quality cat food is critical in the attainment and maintenance of the show qualities of Persian cats including the extremely long, luxurious and thick coat in colors like golden, blue and tabby; short legs on a round body; and a wide head complemented by wide-set ears, large eyes and shortened muzzle. Plus, a well-fed Persian cat is more likely to be of a stable, placid and quiet temperament with an uncommon closeness to its owner.

Fresh dry food and clean water must always be on hand for your Persian cat. Wet food can be alternated with dry food to add variety to the menu while treats must be limited to avoid the development of diseases. We recommend asking the veterinarian about the brands cat food since Persian cat care should be adjusted based on the age, physical condition and specific breed of the feline (i.e., Himalayan longhair, exotic shorthair and Grand Champion).

Litter Box and Kingly Bed

If there is food and water, then there must be bowel and bladder movements. You must provide for a large litter box for the Persian cat to use for these specific purposes. Although a cheap clumping litter is a good option, we generally don’t recommend it. If your Persian cat decides to make a meal of the clumping litter, you are looking at various health problems the least of which is obstruction of the airways.

Of course, you can always elevate Persian cat care to royal levels, if you can afford to do so. Kingly beds with fancy features are available for equally kingly or queenly Persian cats, which will probably make your pet love you even more.

Grooming and Beautifying

Don’t forget to groom and beautify your Persian cat either! In fact, your primary reason for getting a Persian cat for a pet may have been its beautiful fur coat followed by its placid nature.

Because of the breed’s characteristic long, thick and luxurious hair, grooming can be such a chore but it is a necessary one. Otherwise, your Persian cat can sport matter, knotted and simply dirty fur aside from the high risks for inviting fleas, mites and other parasites into its skin. Regular brushing with a fine wait brush coupled with the occasional bath is a good grooming practice as well as a way to bond.

Indeed, Persian cat care taken to the royal levels is easy if you put your heart into it. Add the regular veterinary visits and your Persian cat can become the beloved prince or princess in your home.