Sphynx Cat Care Tips to Make Your Hair Stay in Place

Sphynx cats are a rare breed known for their lack of coat and, thus, may give the impression of being high-maintenance pets. In reality, proper sphynx cat care is comparatively easy to adopt mainly because there are few differences between caring for a sphynx and caring for other breeds of domestic cats. Whatever differences there may be are often small in nature such that you will not end up looking as bald – from worrying too much – as your pet sphynx.

Grooming – Bathing and Eliminating

A sphynx may lack the coat to brush and the fur to shed but that does not necessarily mean that it will not require maintenance in terms of grooming. To the contrary, regular baths of at least once a week must be provided to the sphynx to prevent the build-up of body oils that would have been absorbed by the cat’s hair, if it was present.

Sphynx cat care also means limiting sun exposure and outdoor excursions for two obvious reasons. First, your pet cat has no hair with which to deflect the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, thus, resulting in sunburns and photo damages quicker than in other breeds. Second, your sphynx have very limited means to conserve body heat – again, protective hair – such that freezing to death while outdoors in cold weather is always a possibility.

Add in their inherent curiosity and you have a pet cat that can easily get into dangerous situations when left outside on their own. The upside of their lack of hair is that sphynx cats love to huddle under the covers with their owners, which is certainly a bonus to their affectionate, intelligent and friendly nature.

Yet another component of sphynx cat care is the litter box. Your sphynx cat may not appear too adorable for other cat enthusiasts but their keen sense of hygiene quickly makes converts out of skeptics. The litter box must be kept clean at all times or the sphynx will have nothing to do with it.

Hygiene -Ears, Eyes and Nails

The lack of hair in the sphynx cat also makes for other hygiene issues that the pet owner must be vigilant against lest the problem gets out of hand. The ears, for example, are prone to wax, oil and dirt buildup because hair that could catch these impurities are absent. You have to use a special ear cleaning product to clean the sphynx cat’s ears on a weekly basis preferably after the bath.

This is also true for the eyes and nails in sphynx cat care. Weekly nail clippings and regular wiping of the cat’s eyes with a damp cloth is necessary.

Diet – Food and Water

And of course, don’t forget the special needs of the sphynx where its food and water are concerned. Keep these things in mind:

• Balanced high-protein diet is essential
• Higher caloric intake is a must because of the faster rate of metabolism in the cat
• Increased volume of food is necessary
• Ample supply of water to keep hydrated must be provided for

Together with your veterinarian, proper sphynx cat care is easy on the mind and pockets. Just make sure to love your hairless cat and you should be the best pet owner in the block.