Taking care of your Pregnant Cat

We will all be faced with being adopted by a stray cat. Should that stray be female and pregnant, you will need to know a few things about pregnant cat care in order to determine your course of action with that animal. Of course, knowing what to do for a pregnant cat can help you care for your pet should you have a young female who is not spayed that gets out overnight.

The first step in pregnant cat care is a trip to the veterinarian. Your Vet can tell you if the cat can or should be spayed, the stage of the pregnancy, possible diseases and parasites, and treatment options. Knowing things like this can help you determine what you need to do, if anything, to ensure that the kittens and mother are healthy.

Because pregnant cats need to consume food for themselves and the kittens they are carrying, proper food is a vital component of pregnant cat care, and one needs to pay close attention to this. The recommended food types vary, but in general, a mix of quality dry food, with the addition of kitten food on an increasing level until the last half to third of the pregnancy. It is a good idea to make sure you pregnant cat has plenty of fresh water, and consider adding calcium supplements to the diet. If your cat eats moist food then adding kitten food to this is still a good idea. The last week of the pregnancy, you should also offer her kitten milk replacement supplements so she has plenty of nutrition in her blood for making milk when she begins to nurse.

You should not neglect other basics in your pregnant cat care program. She will need a good litter box that is easy to get into and out of, low enough to be easy to step over the edge. You should keep this box as clean as possible, scooping it out often and cleaning it well a couple times a week. Do not neglect play times or take away toys, scratching posts, or lounging spots. Your cat may tire more easily, but still will enjoy these activities. The most important thing is to restrict your cat to indoors. Get her used to being inside so that she does not wind up repeating the experience. Plus having her inside means that you will know when and where the kittens are born.

The final thing about pregnant cat care to keep in mind is that you will have a bundle of helpless kittens and a very tired mommy cat at the end of it. Make sure you have an area for her to give birth that can be closed off and that you have extra bowls for water and food handy. Adding a second litter box is a good idea too. Provide your cat with a large box lined with clean old towels and rags so that she can have a small secure area to give birth.