Google Adwords Qualified Company – Check Them Out

Many internet marketers understand the value of having a Google Adwards pay per click campaign. If done right, this type of traffic generation can insure a virtually never ending stream of extremely targeted visitors to your website. The problem is, that it’s very rarely done right because there are just so many facets to running a successful campaign. Before you hire a company to help you run your Adwords campaigns make sure they are a Google adwords qualified company.

While any company who has this certification is by no means endorsed by Google, it is an indication that they’ve spent the time to learn the techniques needed to run a successful campaign. Basically it’s a good starting point but before you turn your hard earned money over to anyone it’s up to you to make sure that they really are qualified.

Some of the basic steps that must be completed in order to gain certification are:

1. You must sign up for the Adwords qualified individual program and remain in good standing. This is basically just a promise that you will abide by the terms of service Google establishes.

2. You need to maintain at least one Adwords account, it can be yours or for someone who has hired you. You need to maintain this account for at least 3 months. This is a win/ win for the person undergoing the certification process and Google. It allows you to gain in your knowledge base and allows Google to ‘see you in action’ and make sure you know what you’re doing. During this time you will need to maintain at least $1,000 USD total spent through the Adwords account.

As with all things internet, and especially with Google, things online are constantly changing and evolving. It’s for that reason that Google improved the certification program after implementing changes in the Adwords platform. It was their way to make sure that everyone who had the certification is up to date on the latest Adwords features and policies.

The new certification process requires the person taking the certification to not only pass the fundamentals exam but they must also take, and pass, one of three more advanced components. This is again, just a way to ensure the continued quality of anyone who is advertising them self as a Google certified professional.

Once an individual or company completes the certification process they can display the Google GAP logo on their site. Google also helps them promote themselves by creating a profile for any individual or company that has completed the training.

Besides the huge advantage to anyone hiring these highly trained Adwords professionals for their own traffic generation, the holder of these certificates is also rewarded with many perks. A badge for their website, a profile listing them as a Google partner on Googles search directory, they can also gain access to a lot of training and development events that the average customer simply does not get access to.

So, before you hire a company to manage your Adwords account for you, make sure that they are qualified. Look for a google adwords qualified company.