Increase Online Traffic And Reap The Benefits

You may want to learn to write to increase online traffic. Write articles, that is. Article marketing is huge and will definitely help you increase traffic to your website or blog. If you learn how to write a good article you can reap the benefits almost immediately.

What is a good article? A good article is one that people will enjoy reading and maybe even get a laugh from. Do not make the mistake of just trying to sell people on what you have to offer. They will think you are boring and will quit reading right in the middle of the article. They will not go to visit your website and you will miss out on a potential sale. This is not the outcome you were looking for, was it?

A better way is to write an article that is interesting and informative with maybe a little humor thrown in. People like to laugh and when you are the one making them laugh then they feel like they know you. If someone feels like they know you then they also probably feel like they can trust you and this is important when you are an online business owner. Your customers can’t see you so it is harder for you to get them to trust you. A good article can start to instill that trust and help increase online traffic.

Another way to tell whether or not you have a good article is to use good keywords in your article. The parameters for finding a good keyword to use in your article is to find a keyword that has at least 1500 searches in a month’s time along with a 20,000 competition. This is a great starting point. Others will give out different numbers but instead of confusing yourself even further then just use these numbers and figure out for yourself what works the best and what doesn’t.

The keywords you use in your articles will determine the ranking you get on the major search engines. You want to strive to be in the top ten search results. This is the very first page of search engine results. Did you know that the first five results get the most traffic? That’s right, the first five. So even if you get into the top ten you may still have your work cut out for you to make it to the top five.

After writing your article, then all you have to do is submit it to one of the many article directories. Make sure to follow the guidelines closely when submitting your article. You do not want to get booted from the directory. If you get booted it doesn’t matter if your article is the best one ever written, if it is not published then no one will be able to read it and you will be out all those potential customers.