Taking Care of Feral Cats

Feral cat care is not the same as domestic cat care, although one is dealing with the same animal. It is the social structure that differs, and humans who take care of feral cats need to be aware of how to reduce populations and disease risk to both domestic cats and humans in the area. … Read more

Sphynx Cat Care Tips to Make Your Hair Stay in Place

Sphynx cats are a rare breed known for their lack of coat and, thus, may give the impression of being high-maintenance pets. In reality, proper sphynx cat care is comparatively easy to adopt mainly because there are few differences between caring for a sphynx and caring for other breeds of domestic cats. Whatever differences there … Read more

Senior Cat Care Tips to Remember for Pet Longevity

Cats are said to possess nine lives by virtue of their seemingly indestructible nature in the face of accidents. Inevitably, however, pet owners must consider in-home senior cat care tips since felines, like humans, will undergo the aging process. As a rule of thumb, a cat that is 10 years old can be considered middle-aged … Read more

Persian Cat Care To Make Your Pet Feel Like the Shah

Contrary to popular opinions, proper Persian cat care is similar to responsible care for other cat breeds such as the American shorthair, British longhair and the Ragamuffin. Certain concessions must be made to account for the Persian cat’s unique physical characteristics of shortened muzzle, round face and long hair as well as its placid nature. … Read more

Ideal Natural Cat Care

Natural cat care ranges from use of homeopathic methods to simply choosing organic and natural products when they are available instead of using medicated ones. This can range from use of olive oil to combat ear mites, to creating homemade food for your cat. One can chose to use wheat, corn, pine or paper based … Read more

House Cat Care for the New Additions to the Zoo

The good news for first-time owners of felines is that house cat care is as easy as can be in comparison with caring for other house pets. This is because cats are relatively self-sufficient creatures that are happy for as long as their food and water bowls are full and their litter boxes and beds … Read more

Want Luscious locks? Better follow Himalayan Cat Care

So ok… luscious locks for your fluffy feline friend, who happens to be a gorgeous Himalayan, otherwise known as a Persian Siamese. It is not the diet that changes for these lovely cats, no indeed. Unlike a Siamese, Himalayan cat care is nine-tenths intensive daily grooming related to the Persian traits that the breed has. … Read more

Essential Supplies for Proper Daily Cat Care

Proper cat care involves many aspects of looking after your pet’s welfare from its physical to its social needs. Arguably, responsible pet owners will start with the physical needs for the simple reason that the physiological needs of food, water and shelter takes precedence over the need to belong in both animals and humans. Thus, … Read more

Just a little more love: Diabetic Cat Care

If your beloved pet has been declared diabetic, you are likely seeking out information on diabetic cat care. The condition is not a death sentence, in spite fears, in either cats or humans. It can be managed. How it is managed depends on the form of diabetes that the cat has. Most cats get type … Read more

Common Feline Health Issues Your Cat May Have

Feline health is something that you need to research well, and fully understand before looking at getting a cat. There are some health issues that are unknown, and can cause concerns with new cat owners. A great number of cats will lead a very long and healthy life; however, some do contract different health problems. … Read more

Common Cat Skin Care Signs and Treatments

Cat skin is very tough compared to other animals, and they are natural groomers ensuring that their skin and coat are kept very clean. However, cats are very prone to skin infections, and problems that can result in your cat becoming very unwell. You will need to ensure that you keep an eye on your … Read more

Cat Illnesses That You Need To Know About

Cat illnesses can range from very mild to extremely severe, and you will need to understand a vast majority of them. You may feel that learning about every disease and illness your cat may contract is too much. However, this knowledge could save your cats life when they need you the most, and enable you … Read more