Tips for Finishing Crossword Puzzles Fast

How many times did we give up on crossword puzzles just because we cannot get the words right? There are people who keeps on answering crossword puzzles even if it would take them days, weeks and even months, just to finish them. How we wish we can finish more than one crossword puzzle.

Here are some tips we could use to solve crossword puzzles, fast.

• Never give up. That is the most crucial thing to remember. If you are having difficulties with a crossword, figure it out. Do not just throw it away and hate crosswords forever and curse people who can actually answer them.

• Do the easy crosswords first on your first try. There are newspapers whose crosswords become more difficult as the week progressed. So start with the Monday crossword (sometimes, easiest). You can buy a book. Just make sure that it is within your level.

• You can start with fill-in-the-blanks clues since they are sometimes easier to figure out. Work across and down together. Do not do them separately since they are totally related to each other. Also, it would become easier for you since there are already letters serving as additional clues.

• Boosting your vocabulary will help you solve the puzzle. People would carry pocket sized dictionary or thesaurus with them so they can easily identify the words.

• Answer those clues that you are sure about. After answering them, return again to the first clue. Since there are already words pencilled in the puzzle, there are additional letter clues that can help you remember the answer.

• Pay attention with the theme. Some crosswords would have the theme as the title. The theme can help you a lot with identifying the words. Sometimes the theme is not written as the title, it can be the longest word in the puzzle.

• Think outside the box. Crosswords make you think creatively and imaginatively. Answers are not literal.

• Ask for help. Do not be afraid in asking your friend, family or even the neighbour when answering crosswords.

What if you have encountered a clue ending with a question mark? Question mark clues are usually a pun or metaphor. In crossword, it the question is straightforward, then the answer could be a little difficult to figure out. While, trickier questions have easier answers.

Also take not of the tenses used in the clues. The tense used in the clues will require the same tense in the answer. Plural clues also have plural answers. Just remember that not all plural words end with an “S”. The answer will also reflect proper nouns. Words with capital letters are always proper nouns.

Improve your vocabulary and basic knowledge. You can watch trivial game shows and enhance your reading. Also there is a crossword dictionary. This would greatly help you. Just like any other sport, hobby or talent, proficiency improves through practice. So do not be afraid to take on crossword puzzles. Practice answering until you get familiar with it.

There would be moments when you will feel extreme frustration and anger for not getting or understanding any clues. If you have reached that point, then breathe for a while. Put down the crossword and get some fresh air. Drink coffee or tea. Eat lunch. Do something that would make you full refreshed. Sometimes just seeing something aside from the crossword puzzle, will make it easier for you to finish the entire thing.