All About Equestrian Jewelry

Horse lovers and riding enthusiasts show their love for horses in many ways. Some like to wear equestrian outfits. Others use equestrian home décor in their houses. Still others like to use equestrian jewelry.

The beauty of a horse’s form and elegance of its stand and gait make it the perfect addition to any jewelry. That is why more and more jewelry makers have horse design collections. From trinkets to large diamond-stud pendants, these pieces of jewelry can match any wardrobe and can be worn in any occasion.

This type of bling may be made of gold, white gold, sterling silver or platinum. While some are purely metallic pieces, others add some stones or gems like diamonds, pearls, turquoises, sapphires, rubies, and crystals. Of less costly materials include beads and semi-precious stones.

As for the jewelry types, the most common is the necklace. Horse designs are usually in the pendant. While you may see a horse in extended trot, there are more pendants that have a horse head or Equus design. The head is sometimes framed with a round or square frame, and may be plain or studded. Other pendant designs are horse shoe, bit, stirrup, hunting horn, crop and boot, dressage horse, saddle, hoof pick, golden boot, blue ribbon, and many others. Some charms can also be used as pendants, such as bell boot, breed and bucket charms. Heart-shaped diamond lockets with horse designs are also used as pendants sometimes. Chain can be cable or plain.

Another jewelry type is the bracelet. Charms are used to embellish the chain. With slide or clip-on charms, you are able to mix and match the charms and bracelets that you have. Some common charm designs include heart horse, horse shoe, boot jack, paddock boot, blue ribbon and dressage hat. For the chain, it can be plain, or with designs such as stirrup, toggle, bit or cable.

Earrings are also among the favorite jewelry for women. Designs are similar as the pendants, as necklace and earring sets are commonly sold. Some like smaller stud earrings, while others prefer longer, dangling ones. Common designs are horse shoe and stirrups.

There are also horse rings available. Some designs include double horse head and nail. The good thing about rings is that it can be worn by both men and women. His and hers horse rings would make a nice engagement or wedding present.

There are also watches with horse designs available.

Horse designs are also available for brooches, barrettes, pins and cufflinks. While they are generally not considered jewelry, they also fall in this category because of the material used and its cost. Examples are square horse cufflinks and gold equestrian brooches. For pins, you may find saddle, hunting whip, hunting horn or heart-shaped horse designs. You can also find diamond-studded silver barrettes for the hair.

You don’t need to love horses in order to wear equestrian jewelry. You may not even like to wear jewelry at all. But with the many designs available, there is one that you’ll surely grow to appreciate and love. So if you’re thinking of spicing up your wardrobe or if you’re running out of gift ideas for a friend or family member who loves horses, why not try horse jewelry. They’re elegant, classy and never go out of style.