Lucinda Green’s Equestrian Challenge

Lucinda Green is a record holder in the Badminton Horse Trials. She won the trials for an astounding six times! What’s more, she rode six different horses during those trials! Isn’t that just amazing? Now, you can share her experience in the thrills of being an equestrian through Lucinda Green’s Equestrian Challenge. The game challenges … Read more

Riding Hats: Safety Guaranteed

Equestrians also need their own set of gear for the competition. Each equestrian sport is unique which demand different skills from the rider. Their clothing is not just used for presentation but also to help them move freely during competitions. There are many types of clothing that equestrians need. There is corresponding clothing to protect … Read more

Equestrian Christmas Cards: Quick Steps on How to do Them

Every year comes the holiday season. It is deemed to be the perfect time of giving and sharing. Gifts are not measured by the sizes of their boxes or by the lavishness of their wrappers. The thought that comes with the giving is what matters the most. Christmas cards bear the thoughts that you want … Read more

Equestrians: More than Just Horse Riders

Horses have played a vital role in the history of mankind. They have served several purposes from transportation to heavy cavalry. Nowadays due to the development of technology horses are no longer used anymore. They can be mostly found working for humans in ranches, farms, circuses and driving carriages for amusement rides. Although horses are … Read more

Equestrian Clothing: Body Or Back Protectors

The most important role of equestrian clothing is for protection. Although horses can be trained they can be unpredictable when provoked. Riders are vulnerable while riding and handling horses, especially for beginners. They may seem to be friendly but they can easily gallop or kick someone when not handled correctly. Apart from riding hats, a … Read more

United States Equestrian Federation: A Brief Review

The United States Equestrian Federation or USEF formerly bore the name of American Horse Shows Association. USEF is the national foremost institution which handles the equestrian sports that there are in the United States. Among those equestrian sports which the Untied States Equestrian Federation administers include the eventing, dressage driving, hunt seat equitation, endurance riding, … Read more

Elements of a Good Equestrian College Program

If you are someone who is passionate about equines (read: horses), and you want to use your time in college to learn more about them, then you might want to check out the various Equestrian college programs available today. Many colleges offer such programs. However, picking a single program over all of the choices can … Read more

Equestrian Colleges: The Place to Start a Career

The horse industry has grown very big and it continuously provides rewarding equestrian careers to those who seek to become a useful member of it. It is for this reason that several equestrian colleges have opened up in the effort of molding and equipping the horse lover individuals and in guiding them in their chosen … Read more

Buying Equestrian Decors and Clocks

If you are a big fan of horses and the people who ride them, you might want to express it by buying different equestrian decors and clocks for your home. If you know of someone who is a big fan of the sport, you might also want to give such items to him or her. … Read more

Equestrian Employment: Where can You be Good at?

The term equestrian has been around for several decades or so. With this comes the concept known as equestrianism which points out to one’s skill of driving and riding horses. Such a broad description, isn’t it? However, for a simpler understanding of it, equestrianism includes the use of the horse for practical, recreational, and working … Read more

Horse Walker as Equestrian Equipment

There are many people who show their fondness to their pets. Even so, a lot others fancy taking care of a horse for a pet. Ranches are common in various countries. Horses are most of the times used not only as favored pets but are treated for industrial and at times for commercial uses as … Read more

Men Love Equestrian Events

Loving the competition–this is presumably the very motto of men. They do enjoy any form of competition. The competition that they take too much interest in range from the simple basketball games wherein they bet for their own favored teams to bring home the bacon and down to enlisting themselves as members of a specific … Read more