Brighten Up Any Room with Equestrian Home Décor

If you’re thinking of giving your home or room a lift, then equestrian home décor is the solution. Horse décor is one of the most popular animal décor to grace our homes. Its versatility and beauty, not to mention its availability, makes you like to have the horse form in your room. Here are some ideas on how to decorate your home with horse décor.

If you feel that bigger pieces are overbearing, you can start with small accent pieces. It can be a small horse statuette on your study table, a Texas star wall clock, bookends with horse figures, or wall art with horse design. Smaller pieces are great for small spaces. You can also put up a large welcome sign or doormat with horse and cowboy design to set the tone or mood of the home.

Other types of horse décor are furniture accents like a country-themed drawer chest or armoire in deep color with horse design. This piece can serve as centerpiece of the room, or it can be placed in a corner for accent. A base horse figure can also serve as coffee table or side table.

This horse figure as base can also be used for lamps. Or you can have a beautiful horse scene in the shade. When lit, the shade gives really beautiful western colors. If you love to decorate your room with tea light candles and oils, you can find a horse oil lamp made of ceramic where oil can be burned to provide the scent that you want, or candle holders which are of horse design made from wrought iron.

You can also hang some horse art in the wall. Big or small, the size would depend on your preference and on the size of the room. If you want bigger horse designs, you can paint a mural on one wall or use wallpaper with horse designs.

Other accent pieces are horse-designed throws, rugs or throw pillows. These pieces can make any cabin-styled home interesting. For the room, you can also have a comforter, beddings and pillow cases with horse design. This is perfect for a horse-loving kid’s room. Add a rocking horse, and your child may never want to go out of his room anymore.

Horse design pieces also blend well in country-style bathrooms. You can add a horse towel bar, tissue holder, shower curtain or rug with horse design to your bathroom. You can also place a few decorative tiles with horse design in your sink.

The kitchen can also be filled with horse décor. Horse figures in wrought iron may be used as plant or magazine holders. You can also have horse figures as cabinet door knobs or pulls.

One’s fascination with horse décor can be because of different reasons. Surprisingly, some who incorporate horse décor are not even horse riders nor are they of western or country origin. They simply love the horse form.

There are many sources of equestrian home décor. Visit a home furnishings store in your locality. Or you can surf the web for pieces that you can purchase. With the many designs available, there is one to accentuate your home. Let the beauty and grace of our equine friends shine on. Find a piece to suit your home.