Equestrian Careers: How to Find the Right Path for You

There are just people who have fallen in love with horses. They may be both young and old, man or woman. It is not a new scenario to see a kid who asks for a pony as a birthday gift. For them, it feels like heaven just to spend some time with their beloved animals. There are even instances when they can’t spend a day without having to visit their pet’s stable. No wonder, many individuals have turned out to be equestrians.

If you live your day breathing horses, sleeping with them, eating with them, going for adventures with them, then perhaps you happen to realize that you can start off a career with it. Equestrian careers are common not only in the United States but in many other countries as well. You can always land yourself in a useful career in the horse industry and get on with a better way of spending your daily routines.

In the past years, surveys have showed that there are nearly seven million horses in the United States alone and the more it gives rewarding opportunities for the horse lovers. The American Horse Council further points out that it supports an estimated 1.4 million full time jobs for the equestrians. The horse industry features a wide spectrum of equestrian careers ranging from the hands-on tasks of large animal veterinarian up to those that include becoming a supplement and feeds distributor. Other equestrian careers are research, breeding, showing, education, health, recreation, product manufacturing, and a lot other service industries. Sure enough, you would find something that would be perfectly appropriate for you.

So, how can you possibly gauge the rightful opportunity that is most apt for you as an equestrian? Before you practically send out your resumes to the horse industry related offices, you first need to seek out the opportunity or career that would suit you best. You need time to attend to this. As much as you want to be employed as a veterinarian or technician, no one in his right state of mind would surely hire you if you can’t show the documents that would serve as your credentials. Hence, take time to research on the various equestrian careers, then find out the requirements for those and then work on how you would be able to earn the credentials. Trainings and certificates are most likely needed.

Here are some of the questions that you would have to ask yourself.

What do you really want for a career involving horses? What are you most fond of doing? Are you much in contact with these animals? Or would you rather go for a job that includes working in some supporting field? Here are the pros and cons for them.

The supporting field role can make you earn more because the job is more stable, requires you to report in the regular hours, and of course, you have the benefits to be enjoyed. Meanwhile, a hands-on equestrian career can provide you with more flexible and greater chances of getting in full contact with your favored animals.

What degree of education can you boast of? You would need trainings and the right education in order to get admitted into the horse industry careers. If you prefer to be a barn manager, a horse trainer, a riding instructor, or perhaps a public relations expert, a vet, or a writer, then seek out the required trainings or degrees for them.

It is important that you know your goals especially when you are eyeing for an equestrian career. If you keep in focus, then you’ll be successful in the end.