Equestrian Christmas Cards: Quick Steps on How to do Them

Every year comes the holiday season. It is deemed to be the perfect time of giving and sharing. Gifts are not measured by the sizes of their boxes or by the lavishness of their wrappers. The thought that comes with the giving is what matters the most. Christmas cards bear the thoughts that you want to share to your loved ones. Of course, you want something unique this time, right? These Christmas cards are better appreciated if it comes as a fruit of your labor. Why should you purchase the traditional Christmas cards from the department stores and be like the rest of the individuals who seem not to pay attention to the authenticity of the message therein? With this, a homemade Christmas card would be far better off.

If you are an equestrian by heart, then perhaps you can make use of this concept to create a valuable Christmas card for the holiday season. As you are very much aware of, the Christmas cards have been a part of the human tradition. Every single folklore adopts the Christmas card giving up to this date. Put yourself into the shoes of the recipient of a homemade Christmas card. Isn’t it very pleasing to receive one unique card and yet a product of one’s hard labor? Now that you are not an alien to the feeling, you can be more inspired to come up with a magnificent creation with an equestrian theme for a Christmas card.

No matter how busy you may be, you can still produce a masterpiece out of your passion as an equestrian. It doesn’t matter whether being an equestrian is merely your fancy or your career path itself. What is necessary is that you have a profound idea on how to conceptualize and start off with your holiday freebie.

Follow the mentioned steps below and you are on your way to giving out the best equestrian Christmas cards ever.

Step One – Print

The personal touch to the Christmas card plays a major role. You have to write your personal message and greetings. To add more personalized adornments, include your equestrian photo or any graphics which are equestrian-related. You can just simply print out these photos and use them to produce as many cards as you wish to. You don’t have to book an appointment with a professional photographer for this. Any candid shot of yours would do.

Step Two – Do the collage.

Instead of the traditional positioning of the photos and other related stuffs, you can opt for a collage. It is a more artistic way of organizing the designs and materials that you are going to employ for your Christmas cards. You may likewise add some equestrian stuff such as boot leather material, horse hair, and the likes.

If you have plenty of time for your masterpiece creation, you can start with an organized draft of your materials, cut them out into several pieces, and then reassemble them in an artistic manner. You may add ribbons, sequins, glitters, and colored glues for the background or for insets. Just let go of your creative juices and have your imagination go really wild.

Step Three – Come up with Delicious Fillings

Of course, not only should the outside look enticing but the inside as well. Come up with a personal Christmas greeting. You may include humorous quotes and other attractive characters to make the inside page very interesting.

Now it’s time to send them out. The pleasure is all yours as you receive commendations for a job well done. Enjoy your equestrian Christmas card venture!