Riding Hats: Safety Guaranteed

Equestrians also need their own set of gear for the competition. Each equestrian sport is unique which demand different skills from the rider. Their clothing is not just used for presentation but also to help them move freely during competitions. There are many types of clothing that equestrians need. There is corresponding clothing to protect the rider from head to foot.

The main clothing of an equestrian are composed of riding hats, jackets, boots, jodhpurs and breeches, body protector, chaps and gaiters. For a beginner it is essential to know each of this clothing. Each individual’s preference may be different but it important to know the basics before buying any clothing. Horse back riding can be expensive and its clothing is not exemption.

The most important clothing is the riding hat. Obviously it protects the riders from falls which can be experienced whether you are in or out of a competition. Although horses can be trained they can still be unpredictable.

The rider’s clothing

The riding hat

It is the most important piece of clothing which offers protection for your head. These hats are made of a hard shell which is lined with a material that absorbs shock. This is essential to provide protection for the rider in case he or she falls. It’s also important to wear them even though they are not riding because the horse may kick them instead. It’s advisable to wear them when handling horses on the ground.

If the rider suffers from a fall the hat should be replaced immediately. The fall can diminish the hat’s protection. The protection also decreases over time as the padding compresses from daily use. Riding has should be replaced ever three to four years.

Three basic hats are available for the riders:

The first one is the classic riding hat. It’s a traditional velvet hat available brown, black, or navy. It has a hard peak.

The second is the skull cap which is also referred to as the jockey cap. It has no peak and is usually worn by jockeys. It’s now popular with other riders for leisure and competition. Silks which are peak covers can be placed over the skull cap. This gives them the appearance of a riding hat. There are also novelty silks available for children such as eyes and ears sewn on them.

The third one is the skull protector. It’s a riding hat similar to a cycling helmet. It’s very lightweight and ventilated. The hat is usually worn during the warm weather or summer.

Riding hats have chin straps and should conform to the riding hat safety standards. The United Kingdom has 3 safety standards. Riding hats should follow one of these standards for optimum safety of the rider. The chin traps should be able to secure the hat safely and securely on the riders head.

Riders should always remember to secure their hats. Beginners should also buy which is comfortable for them. Riding hats is a piece of equestrian clothing that should be regarded with importance. Sever falls can be very fatal. Riding hats can decrease the severity of the injury of the rider.

Rides should not buy a second hand riding hat. Although the damages cannot be seen from the outside it is most likely that they have reduced protection. Buy new hats for guaranteed protection.