Koi Communities Online

Koi pond keeping is quickly becoming a very popular hobby among fish enthusiasts. Koi proves to be an interesting hobby, as it is ever changing. The nature of this hobby makes it almost imperative to communicate with others who have knowledge in Koi and Koi pond keeping. However, what happens if you run into a problem when your Koi dealer just is not available to answer your questions? This is when a network of Koi enthusiasts would come in handy.

This network can also provide sheer fun and entertainment. Who better to discuss your hobby with then others who find just as much enjoyment out of it as you do? No matter what the reason you find to join a Koi community, you will find that you are glad you did.

The majority of online Koi communities are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are typically free to use. All that is required of you is to go through a sign up process, and then begin reading, posting, and responding to other members posts.

Even if you have never joined an online community before, you will find that it is extremely easy to do so, and the benefits of being a part of such a community is rewarding. In just a few steps, you will be able to start talking with other Koi enthusiasts, potentially all over the world.

1) You must find an active community. While there are literally thousands of communities available online, the vast majority of them are old and outdated, and may not even be visited anymore.

Most message boards have statistics available right on their main page, you just have to look for it. Typical statistics include the number of posts for that day and month, the total number of users that are members, and the total number of members currently signed in to the board. The larger the number is generally better, especially when looking at the amount of members currently online. The higher amount online signals that you will not only be able to post and respond to messages, but you may potentially even be able to talk to other members in real time.

2) After you find a community with the amount of activity suits your needs, then you must become a member of this form. Some message boards do not require you to sign up to post messages. This option is a good idea if you do not plan on posting more then a couple of posts. However, if you plan on visiting the board more then that, then it would be a good idea to obtain a member name and password. This will be your identity.

Once you sign up, you may be able to create a member profile. Only add information to this profile that you would want the general public to view.

3) Once you become a member, you can begin flowing though the various topic boards. Topic boards break different topics into separate divisions, allowing users to more easier find and discuss what interests them. Topics can range anywhere from Koi keeping for beginners, advanced Koi keeping, all the way to specifics such as Koi behavior and health issues.

4) Once you find a board that suits your interests, you can read and post messages. Remember to only post messages on the topic listed to prevent any confusion and the possibility of your post being deleted. Also, always try to follow typical online typing etiquette when posting messages. Do not post in all caps, spell out each word instead of using abreactions, do not argue, etc.

5) Finally, help out! Other Koi enthusiasts or even people that are new to the hobby will find your opinion helpful and will welcome anything you have to say. Providing the knowledge you have may mean the difference between someone else’s pond crashing, or making it through an issue.