San Francisco Surfing: Experience Riding the Waves of San Francisco

As a surfer, you know that you need to travel in order to search for that perfect surfing experience. This is why you want to know about surfing in California. Here, you will find that there are numerous surf spots that you will find to provide a satisfying surfing experience.

Basically, there are three popular surf spots in California, particularly within 20 minutes of Pacifica, California. You will be able to find surf spots from north to south of it, which are Linda Mar, Half Moon Bay Jetty, and Ocean Beach.

If you haven’t surfed Ocean Beach before, then you are missing out a lot of things when it comes to surfing. Here, you will be able to have a chance to surf an unbelievably perfect surfing experience and at the same time, it can be unbelievably bad. This particular spot has miles of beach breaks where swells can be perfect or it can also be brutal. If you plan on surfing this area, then you should expect that there will be days where you will not be able to paddle out even if the swells look perfect from the beach.

Also, there are times where you will be able to score good to perfect waves at the time where you think that nothing will happen. You have to consider the fact that Ocean Beach is very exposed, which means that it will pick up the entire swell as well as the winds. This makes it an unpredictable place to surf in. Although this surf spot doesn’t really handle a lot of onshore flow, you will see that the sandbars are great.

Before you consider surfing Ocean Beach, you may want to remember that cardio training is important as you be paddling against the current for a length of time. And, the parking area is quite far. If you aren’t really very fit, then you may want to surf the area on days when the current are not that strong. However, if you can handle the strong current, and you think you can make the paddle out against it, you will be able to maximize your experience when you surf Ocean Beach.

You also need to remember that seasons have a big impact on surfing in Ocean Beach. During the winter months, the waves will really pick up and is perfect for people who love a challenge. The winter months will be able to provide bigger, faster, and stronger waves. However, if you are just a beginner, the fall season is the best season that you can surf in Ocean Beach. The waves will be a lot smaller and the weather will be sunny and nice. Also, there are few barrel specialists in this surf spot which is perfect for people who consider themselves as technical surfers.

Linda Mar is also a very popular spot for surfing in California. In fact, this place is known as the McDonalds of surfing. Expect a lot of crowd in this area especially surfers. The best time to surf here is on the high tide. Here, you will be able to get plenty of swells that can be a lot of fun to ride in. And, you will also find quite a lot of amenities, such as restaurants, showers, and bathrooms around the beach.

Half Moon Bay Jetty also offers a great surfing experience. However, it is not really as good as Ocean Beach but you can be sure that you will be able to still have a lot of fun surfing the area.

These are the three popular spots that you should surf when you are in San Francisco. Although it will not really provide you with the same surfing experience as what Hawaii can offer, it will be able to provide you with a satisfying surfing experience as well as a cheaper one at that.