Surfing 101: How to Buy Used Surfboards

Surfboards can really be expensive. However, you will see that used surfboards are readily available and you can purchase these boards at your local surf shop or even in the internet in auction websites, such as eBay. The great thing about buying used surfboards is that it will be able to save you hundreds of … Read more

Surfing Safety Tips: Being Safe Is Better Than Being Sorry

It’s really rare to see surfers get injured. But, you need to remember that although surfing is relatively a safe sport to do, there are dangers that you should be aware of. You still need to be careful whenever you hit the water as surfing has its inherent dangers. In surfing, drowning is by far … Read more

Adelaide: The Surfer’s Paradise

As a surfer, we are always looking for a more challenging wave, which is why a lot of surfers travel all over the world. If you want to experience something new and exciting, then you may want to try going “Down Under” or Australia, particularly in Adelaide. So, what’s so special about Adelaide that it … Read more

Surfing Vacation Tips: How to Score Waves on Your Surfing Trip

Whenever you go on a surfing vacation, you obviously want to experience the best surfing that the world can offer you. So, how can you narrow down all the potential surf spots? Well, you first need to remember that a fantastic surfing vacation will be different for every surfer. The thing that makes a vacation … Read more