Surfing 101: How to Buy Used Surfboards

Surfboards can really be expensive. However, you will see that used surfboards are readily available and you can purchase these boards at your local surf shop or even in the internet in auction websites, such as eBay. The great thing about buying used surfboards is that it will be able to save you hundreds of dollars compared to buying a brand new one. However, you need to remember that if you buy a surfboard that is “too used”, then it may not be worth the huge savings you will get for getting it as opposed to getting a new one.

Whenever you buy a used surfboard, always remember that there are rules that you should follow in order for you to really get your money’s worth. Always scour every inch of the surfboard you plan on purchasing before you actually purchase it. You have to remember that any dings in the surfboard should have been repaired. You should also feel all over the surfboard especially over the spot where the dings were repaired. What you are looking for would be soft spots.

Soft spots will mean that the foam inside have rotted from water seeping in. This is not a good thing and you are better off with another board. Also, you need to look for the amount of ding repairs. If the board has a lot of it and even if the repair job was done quite well, the amount of dings can mean that the board is too lightly glassed, which is also not cool.

If you see an obvious repair running the length of the board, this will mean that the board was probably cracked in half, which is also not a cool thing. Although some boards like this will still ride quite well, you may want to remember that it will never be the same as it was when it was still whole or wasn’t cracked in half.

Discoloring on used surfboards is normal. The discoloration is usually caused by UV and it is mostly cosmetic and will not in any way affect its performance.

You should also check the fins of the used board you plan on purchasing. Check if there are any cracks especially around the base if they are glassed on. You have to remember that cracks on the fins are expensive repairs. If the fins are removable, you should check the boxes for cracks, water seepage and stripped shrub screws. You have to remember that fin boxes are also very expensive to replace and getting one with one of the mentioned damages means spending a lot of money for repairs.

A little wear and tear is natural and is really not a big deal if timely repairs were done as it will prevent extensive damages. You also need to remember that used surfboards looses its flex characteristics. However, this feature will not really mean any difference and if there is, it will only be a minor one.

The best deal that you can get for a used surfboard is getting one that has hardly been used. The best used surfboards that you will be able to get are from people who didn’t see the board they purchased as a perfect fit for them. They will want to get rid of the board fast in order for them to purchase a better board that is perfect for them. Who knows? Maybe the board that they didn’t like would be perfect for you.

The key to finding the best surfboard is by shopping around. It is really not recommended to purchase one over the internet as you will never be able to see it up close to examine it unless you buy it. If done right, buying a used surfboard will definitely save you a lot of money.