Surfing Etiquette: Learning What’s Cool and What’s Not Cool

Surfing seems like you just go out in the water and ride every wave that passes you by. However, if the beach is crowded with other surfers, you might want to remember that you need to follow certain rules. This is why you may want to know what’s cool and what’s not when it comes to surfing in a crowded beach. Or, you may want to know about the surfing etiquette.

Basically, there are different rules in different surfing location. However, most surfers will agree on the most basic rules.

First of all, you may want to remember that the beach belongs to no one and it also belongs to everyone. What this means is that anybody can surf but you should do it in a way where it will not make it impossible for other people to surf. You may have heard about surf Nazis who push anyone out of the way and where violence and threats are their method of intimidating people not to surf in a particular area. This is considered to be not cool.

Surfing has an unwritten rule about who surfs first. Basically, the person closest to the breaking wave has the first choice whether he or she surfs first. However, it doesn’t entirely mean that other surfers on the water should wait forever. In most cases, other surfers just wait for the next wave while in other situations, they wait their turn only after the surfer has popped up and has caught the wave.

After that, they will now be able to pop-up and catch the same wave provided that they will not interfere with the first surfer who caught the wave. Another unwritten rule is that if two surfers are unable to decide who is on the inside, the surfer who pops up first is the one who has priority to surf first.

In some beaches, waves can break both left and right. However, some surfers will surf across the wave as well as in front of the wave. This means that it increases the possibility of collisions, which is really no cool. In this situation, another big rule in surfing should be kept in mind, which is communication.

It is important that you should make eye contact with the other surfer. Then, you should signal the other surfer which way you plan on going in order to avoid crossing over to their path. You can shout if you want but you need to remember that not every surfer can speak English. So, you may want to do hand signals and shouting just to make sure.

Surfing means that you should watch the back of other surfers. Even if the other surfer is a complete stranger, you should always advisable that you should watch out for their safety as they will also do the same with yours. Always be on the lookout for rocks, high reefs, jellyfish and other dangerous marine life. Warn them if you see anything that can be dangerous for the surfer.

All in all, you just need to be fair or cool. This way, everyone will be able to enjoy their day at the beach surfing. These are some of the few unwritten rules that you should try following whenever you go out to surf. By following these rules, you can be sure that everything between you and the other surfers will be cool.