Texas: Providing You with a Fantastic Surfing Experience

When you hear the word surfing, you will normally think about Hawaii, California, and Florida. However, did you know that Texas is also a surfing destination which is getting more and more popular today? Texas has a lot of surfing spots that you will surely love. With fantastic waves and plenty of activities, you can be sure that surfing in Texas will be a lot of fun.

Among some of the popular beach towns in Texas that can provide you with great surfing experience are Corpus Christi, Surfside, South Padre, and Galveston. The great thing about Texas is that this state doesn’t rely on hurricanes to provide big waves. In fact, you will be able to surf all year round. Some waves can be as tall as 6 to 7 feet, which are very common in Corpus Christi and South Padre during the summer months. However, most of the waves will only be waist to chest high during the rest of the year.

You will also be able to have a great time surfing in Galveston and Surfside as it will be able to provide waves that are knee to waist high. These waves are perfect for beginners and advanced surfers who are looking for a bit of fun in Texas.

If you really want big waves, then you may want to visit Texas during the winter months. You will find head high and above waves in Corpus Christi and South Padre. Galveston and Surfside will also provide you with waves that can go higher than 6 feet.

Because of the sizeable waves and speed of the current in Texas, you may want to use long boards for surfing. This will be able to provide you with smoother and longer rides. However, you can also use shorter boards or fish board if you want. This will provide you with more control and more speed.

Texas is also an ideal destination for people who are interested in learning how to surf. With smaller and manageable waves, it will make it the perfect classroom in surfing. You will also find a lot of surf shops around the beaches in Texas. Here, you will be able to find people who know the area and will also happily guide you in surfing in Texas. You can also purchase boards and wax here.

If you really want to learn how to surf, then Galveston is your choice. Here, you will be able to learn how to surf in just a single session. The waves here are perfect for learning how to surf as it is small and very manageable.

As you can see, Texas can also provide you with a fantastic surfing experience. But, if you are an expert surfer who is looking for a bit of a challenge and bigger waves, then this place is really not for you. Texas is perfect for beginners and advanced surfers. However, it really doesn’t provide enough challenge for expert surfers. You can try other popular surfing destinations that provides bigger waves, such as Oahu particularly the Banzai Pipeline. Or, you can also try California.

However, as a beginner or advanced surfer who wishes to have a lot of fun in the water, then Texas is the place for you. The beaches here are not that crowded and there are plenty of other activities to do besides surfing.