Top Surfing Destinations: Do You Have What It Takes To Surf The Banzai Pipeline?

So you think that you are really good at surfing and that you have what it takes to be one of the legends in surfing? You might want to think again. If you haven’t tried surfing the Banzai Pipeline yet, then you haven’t really experienced what surfing is really all about.

The Banzai Pipeline is located at the North Shore of Oahu. This particular surfing spot offers the world’s most spectacular tubular wave that expert surfer’s dream of surfing. Just imagine yourself inside the tube of the wave. It would be like being somewhere different. You can’t really describe what it is really like until you try it for yourself.

This tube is what surfers’ dream of riding. It is what they compete for in the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. In fact, most surfers wait for days and even weeks in the Banzai Pipeline just to get the perfect wave.

If you want to test your surfing skills and see if you have what it takes to be one of the greats, then you may want to experience the Banzai Pipeline. Located at Ehukai Beach Park which is located on Ke Nui Road that is just off Kamehameha Highway, you will see that it is very easy to find. In fact, this surfing spot is very popular in the area that you can ask the locals for directions.

Because of its fame, you will see that the 1.2 acre beach park gets a lot of visitors especially during the winter months where the waves really get huge. From surfers like you, to journalists, to photographers, to your average Joe who wants to see the action, you will see that this place will definitely be packed.

You might want to remember that this surfing spot is only for experts. If you are just a beginner to advanced surfer, then you will have to wait until spring and summer in order for you to ride smaller and much gentler waves.

However, you might want to remember that even in summer, the waves near the shore and the rip currents are something that you should be careful of.

Here, you will find complete services and amenities. It has lifeguards, showers, parking, picnic areas, restrooms and even phones.

The Banzai Pipeline is indeed the scariest wave to surf on. If you aren’t an experienced surfer and you are only good at smaller waves, then you might want to look for another place to surf. The Banzai Pipeline isn’t for the fainthearted. It is very dangerous and is only reserved for expert surfers. In fact, even seasoned pros gets wiped out extremely hard, which can be nerve-wracking for beginners.

However, if you think that you already have what it takes to surf the Banzai Pipeline, then you may want to go visit the Ehukai Beach Park during the winter months. With big waves, fantastic crowd, awesome scenery, and exciting surfing, you can be sure that you will be able to have a lot of fun surfing the world’s most popular wave.

So, stop waxing your surfboard and stop making excuses why you haven’t tried surfing the Banzai Pipeline. If you really believe that you are good enough for the Banzai Pipeline, then start packing your bags and your board and head out to Hawaii and surf the Banzai Pipeline.