Is Mental Programming Right for You?

How do you know if mental programming is right for you?
First you will have identified that there is something about you and your life that you want to change. It may be that you suffer from anxiety or stress, want a better job, need to get rid of a phobia or bad habit, wish to lose weight or develop self-confidence.
If there is something that you want to change for the better, which will improve your life, work or health then you need to ask yourself the following question.
How committed am I to making the change?
Do you really want to change the way you are and are you committed to achieving the goal you have set yourself? Will you do whatever it takes to achieve it and make the change?
If you are totally committed to changing and believe that you can achieve it, then mental programming is right for you.
For mental programming to succeed it is necessary to change the way you think. You will need to change connections in your brain to create new patterns of thinking.
Once you have decided that mental programming is suitable for you then you need to make a decision as to which method to use. You will also need to decide whether you want to do it on your own or with support.
Methods suitable for following on your own include:
NLP techniques: Reframing, mind movies and the Swish;
Self-hypnosis (using recordings); and
Visualization and affirmations
If you feel that having support will provide the best route to success in achieving your goal then you should consider:
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming);
Coaching; or
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
If you decide to seek help then make sure you choose someone that you feel a connection with (rapport) and that you trust. You should also check their credentials and experience.
When getting help from someone you will find that they will help you identify the change you want to make, understand why you want to make the change and how you want your life to be once the change has been made. They will help you decide which method is best and can provide resources and support as you make the change.
Regardless of whether you decide to go it alone or get support you are the key to the success of the mental programming. It is only you who can make the change. It is your mind and your belief in yourself and your ability to create the life you want to live is key to success.