One Simple Yet Effective NLP Technique to Program Your Mind

In the 1970s Richard Bandler and John Grinder devised Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). It is based on the way our brains interpret our experiences through language and senses.
Neuro – how the mind processes information through the senses
Linguistic – use of language
Programming – the way the brain interprets experiences
By understanding ourselves, our attitudes, habits and beliefs it is possible to change our experience for the better. NLP is therefore a really effective tool for mental programming.
One NLP tool that is really effective yet incredibly simple is The Swish.
The Swish
This technique can reprogram the mind by changing the perceptions of and responses to situations. It is frequently used to help with fears, phobias, confidence and changing habits.

  1. Identify the change to be made. For example, you wish to remove your fear of spiders.
  2. Identify the cue picture (visualize). This is the image you see or the trigger (thing that you do) immediately prior to the thing you want to change. For example, a person with arachnophobia will see a spider. Use your senses to fill in lots of details.
  3. Identify the desired outcome. It is important to use all five senses so imagine what you can see, feel, hear, taste and do in the situation. You are visualizing the future. The important thing is to create a very bright and sensual image.
    Using the arachnophobia example still and visualizing the future the desired outcome might look like this:
    I am in the garden weeding. The sun is shining and I feel happy. I am pulling up weeds and tossing them. I move the plants aside and as a spider scurries away I continue with my task. The sun feels warm. My breathing is normal and steady. I’m being productive. I can almost taste the lemonade that’s waiting for me when I finish my task. The flower bed is looking tidy. The leaves are so green and the flowers smell so fragrant. I can brush any spiders or other insects away with my gloved hands or the trowel and continue with my task.
  4. Now you swish.
    Start with your cue picture. Make it large and bright in your mind. Experience the emotions and sensations.
    Add your desired outcome to the bottom corner but make it small and dark.
    Say ‘Swish’ and as you do so quickly dim and shrink the cue picture and grow and brighten your image of the desired outcome. Make sure the desired outcome becomes very bright and feel the positive emotions associated with it.
    Repeat the Swish starting again with the cue picture but this time lesson the image’s strength and associated emotions. When you say, ‘Swish’ increase the speed of the desired outcome growing and strengthening. Really feel the emotions.
    Repeat again and this time your initial cue picture should be so dim that it is almost, if not, negligible. The desired outcome should be really bright and you should feel the emotions and sensations really strongly.
  5. Test your cue. Can you picture the cue image? Does it still trigger the behavior?
    If the cue picture still triggers the behavior or emotions then repeat the Swish until it is gone.
    If the cue picture doesn’t trigger any response then you have successfully reprogrammed your mind!