How to be More Optimistic

Research has shown time and time again those who think positively or “optimists” tend to have happier and healthier lives. If you are a pessimist you can create a worst case scenario out of any event. For example, you get invited to dinner with a new co-worker and you imagine how awkward it will be and how this will turn into a tormented work relationship for the rest of your career, buying new clothes is a torment, or taking a trip to a fabulous island results in you thinking about sunburn and diseases. While it may seem that being negative can be a good defense mechanism, it can affect your entire life from your relationships to your work, school, and sports – taking this approach can be depressing.

How to Become more Optimistic

One of the tricks to changing your thought process from negative to positive is that you cannot try to be too happy. In order to truly be happy you have to stop trying. Instead of thinking about whether or not you are happier yet, become more engaged in things. When you get fully involved with something it can help to distract you from your negative thoughts.

Another trick to becoming more positive is to adjust your attitude. Look for quick distractions to help you when you continue to have the same negative thoughts. Try an activity that will demand all of your attention. Exercise classes such as yoga or kickboxing can be a great way to distract yourself. Exercise will help improve your attitude by releasing endorphins, or “happy hormones,” into your body that can improve your mood overall.

Reframing Problems

When it comes to becoming more optimistic it is about learning to reframe problems as they arise. When you are faced with an issue instead of blaming yourself, reframe it so that it is not all your fault. For example, if you are alone at a party and thinking that you are boring and no one wants to talk to you, try thinking about where the host of the party is and wondering why they have not introduced you to any of the guests. While this method of looking for a scapegoat is not something a true optimist would do, it will give you a different outlook on the situation and can help you to find other solutions to the issue as you realize that you are not entirely to blame.