Developing Patience: Tips To Help You Make It

Admit It

The first step in developing patience is admitting you are impatient. Some people refuse to believe they are impatient for whatever reason. However, if you honk your horn as soon as the red light changes or are constantly looking at your watch for no apparent reason, then you probably should admit you are an impatient person. Once you have accepted this you can move on to the next step.

Understand Why

Try to figure out why you are impatient. What is the underlying reason? Are you stretching yourself to the limit multitasking and trying to complete things in a certain amount of time? If you are overwhelmed and that is causing your impatience, try organizing your thoughts and tasks. Organize them based on importance and the time it takes to complete.

If your impatience is geared more to personal situations or people, then take time to figure out why the situation or person is making you impatient. Is it a trait that the person cannot do anything about? Is it a situation that is out of your control? Or, is it something that is within your control to change.

Perhaps you get impatient when you worry or when you have nothing to do. If that is the case, start doing something – do some volunteer work or clean the house. If you feel yourself getting impatient because you are waiting for something or someone, think about something else. You will be surprised to find out when you stop waiting for something to happen, things actually start happening. It is like the old adage says – a watched pot never boils.

Addressing the Issue

If you can change the situation that causes your impatience, then change it. But, make sure it is something that should actually change. Some situations that we do not like or cause us to be impatient are good for us. They can become learning situations that will help us grow and develop.

Just because we do not like something does not mean it is not good for us. Situations that we cannot change may present the same challenge. They may be happening because we need to learn something from it. Is it a person that makes you impatient? If so, try discussing it with them without blaming them for your impatience. If it is a sensitive issue that you know will cause problems, it may be best to make your own adjustments or keep your distance.