When is Patience a Bad Thing?

Most of us realize that patience is a good thing. It is not a good idea or a sign of maturity to be impatient. Children are often impatient and we understand their behavior. But when adults are impatient it is not as acceptable. However, there are times when being patient can be a bad thing. … Read more

Patience: A Real Virtue

We have all been in a long line at the grocery store and begin to wonder why the line is not moving. We start asking ourselves, when will it move? We slowly lose our patience. When we do, we often make poor choices. Here is a quick example: For whatever reason the line at the … Read more

Patience is a Virtue

This saying is true. Patience is one of those things that can make life go more smoothly. However, a lack of patience or impatience can cause serious problems in life, including health issues. Although some things trigger impatience more quickly than others, there are a number of things that can calm us down and help … Read more

Impatient? Is it External or Internal?

Although many of us point to situations or people as the cause for us to be impatient, often it is not these external factors but internal factors that are to blame. We may think a certain situation or person makes us impatient, but that may not be the case at all. The fact is psychological … Read more

How To Be Patient

Most of us try to exercise patience in most situations. It can be difficult in any situation that presents itself as a problem. How can we practice patience when we are confronted with adversity? Here are a few things to remember. CausesWhat causes us to be impatient? Is it people or situations? Some of us … Read more

Five Benefits of Developing Patience

There are many reasons why developing patience is good for you. Patience can help you live longer and enjoy life more. Here are five reasons why it is important to exercise patience. Better decision-making. When you exercise patience you make better decisions. Waiting and analyzing the situation allows for better decision-making. Whereas, impatience often leads … Read more

Developing Patience: Tips To Help You Make It

Admit It The first step in developing patience is admitting you are impatient. Some people refuse to believe they are impatient for whatever reason. However, if you honk your horn as soon as the red light changes or are constantly looking at your watch for no apparent reason, then you probably should admit you are … Read more

A Lesson about Patience

Most of us have been in a situation when we got impatient and then wished we had paused long enough to look at the entire situation. Here is an example of how patience can help you. Your boss tells you he wants you to work with another co-worker on a project and it needs to … Read more

7 Unique Ways To Build Patience

Most of us want to be more patient. In fact, a lot of us need to be more patient. …But developing patience can be difficult and it can take years to develop it. Although some of us are more patient than others, we all could use a some more tips on how to harness our … Read more

Four Ways to Increase Patience

Be calm. Slow down. Think things through. We have all heard these words or said them to ourselves during difficult situations. It is the process of being patient. Being patient can be a very difficult thing to accomplish in a society that rushes from one thing to the next. Here are four ways to help … Read more