How To Be Patient

Most of us try to exercise patience in most situations. It can be difficult in any situation that presents itself as a problem. How can we practice patience when we are confronted with adversity? Here are a few things to remember.

What causes us to be impatient? Is it people or situations? Some of us are patient with people, whereas, others are more patient during certain circumstances. If people cause you to lose your patience, learn to acknowledge and accept that everyone is different. There is no way to escape from dealing with people. We will constantly come across people that rub us the wrong way. The best way to deal with people is to communicate effectively and understand that we do not see things the same way due to different personalities, background, and perceptions.

If certain circumstances cause you to lose your patience, then you can do a couple of things. Try to avoid those circumstances or understand that the circumstance you face may be a learning experience and embrace it. What often makes us mature and develop a patient attitude is adversity. Unlike what you heard in the Forest Gump movie, life is not a box of chocolates. Sometimes life will be sweet, but other times it will be bittersweet and downright difficult. The bottom line is if you can change your circumstance or the influence people have over you, then do it. But if you can’t, then try to work through it.

This is important! The best way to be patient is to learn to relax when things arise that can cause impatience. When you relax you can think better and are less prone to make poor decisions. When you relax you can decrease, or even remove, stress and frustration. Take deep breaths. Focus on your breathing and clearing your negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones.

Focus on the Big Picture
Most things that cause a lack of patience are temporary. Being patient helps you to focus on the future or the outcome of things and not just the present. People who are patient also do not rush to get things done. They concentrate on the big picture. Instead of looking at the potholes in the street, try focusing on your destination.