What Zen really stands for

For a lot of people, Zen is different. You’ll need to make sure that you take some time off and be with yourself. The time that you spend alone is quality time, because everyone needs time to think about them and also about how they are affected daily. You need to make sure that you take the time for yourself because it can help you emotionally and physically. You’ll need to keep in mind that Zen is more than just have time for yourself, but it is also finding the things that are hidden inside of you and also figuring out who you are. You’ll need to keep in mind that your life is worth fixing and it is never too late to fix the things that upset you.

Often people are overwhelmed with depression, pain, and even suffer. You’ll need to keep in mind that joy is still present inside of you, but you’ll need to consider that your life is more than what it is now. You don’t have to stay gloomy and you don’t have to feel satisfied with life when it is less then pleasing. You’ll need to understand who you are, and what it is that you need to be or want to be in order to find your self-actualization point. Everyone has five basic needs. You need to have security. You need to have the basic shelter, clothing, food, and water. You need to meet social needs. You also have to meet some self esteem needs, but when you reach self-actualization needs you are almost done. Basically, if you use Zen, you’ll be able to meet your social, self esteem, and self actualization needs. Keep in mind that your physical needs are usually meet without any troubles. There are not a lot of homeless people practicing the art of Zen. Once you have taken care of your basic needs you are able to look forward.

Zen can help you with all of your needs. Once you have achieved your basic needs of survival you’ll be able to work on your security issues. When you practice Zen it will make you feel safe within yourself. You won’t feel the need to hold back. When you show others who you are and all of the things that you stand for, then you’ll be able to deal with your security issues. You’ll know exactly where you stand and with whom. You’ll also find that Zen can help you with your social needs. You’ll begin to feel comfort with the person that you are and you’ll also be able to feel comfortable showing others who are you. You’ll find love and find your place by being yourself and accepting the things that you cannot change. It’s also about finding out what it is that you can change in order to make your world better. Then there are self esteem issues, and Zen can help you there too. You’ll be able to deal with your insecurities, but also reaffirm that you have strengths and weaknesses just like everyone else. You’ll be able to find acceptance within. This will help you find inner peace and your self esteem will begin to benefit from the art of Zen. As for self actualization, it’s hard to find that no matter what. By the time you have reached self-actualization you are well content with yourself. Although Zen will help you work towards your goal of self actualization, you may never find this. It’s hard to name anyone other than, perhaps Mother Teresa or Budda, which was so comfortable in their own skin.

Zen is a very powerful tool.