Helpful Tips to Newcomers on a Bipolar Chat Room

If you are a new comer to a particular bipolar chat room, you may probably have several concerns and questions. So, it is advised that you orient yourself about them before logging into the chat room. A bipolar chat room can provide you with great benefits regardless of your present condition. Whether you are manic, … Read more

Tapestry of Causes of Bipolar Disorder

The medical society may have disagreed about so many diseases in this world since Pandora has opened the little box of horrors. One of the few things that they have agreed upon is that bipolar disorder is not caused by a lone factor. Several factors are intertwined together to produce a cloth of the illness. … Read more

The Manifestations shown by a Bipolar Child Helps in Proper Diagnosis

A bipolar disorder or manic depression is a severe illness but can be treated. It’s a brain disorder characterized by extreme swings of energy, mood, behavior, and thinking. The symptoms are present in early childhood or even during infancy. It can also suddenly emerge in adulthood or adolescence. But today, diagnosis of bipolar disorder in … Read more

A complete guide to bipolar illness

Bipolar illness is also known as manic-depressive illness. This is the disorder that involves incidents of serous depression and mania. Bipolar illness is characterized by sudden mood sways of a person which can abruptly shift from being highly irritable to being overly sad. The change from depression to mania and vice versa can occur in … Read more

What is the Real Cause of Bipolar Disorder?

Everything happens with a cause and that is a fact. It has been stressed in many subjects in school that there is always the so called ’cause and effect’; and one can’t happen without the other. What about bipolar disorder? The illness is considered as the effect; so what then are the causes? Studies are … Read more

Bipolar Workbook: A Tool for Controlling Mood Swing Successfully

A biological illness which is believed to have genetic components is bipolar disorder. Thus treatment often involves combination of medicines in managing its symptoms. Psychological therapies are also incorporated to deal with the disorder in order to live a meaningful life. But, one person is different from another. So, managing a bipolar disorder also varies. … Read more