Helpful Tips to Newcomers on a Bipolar Chat Room

If you are a new comer to a particular bipolar chat room, you may probably have several concerns and questions. So, it is advised that you orient yourself about them before logging into the chat room.

A bipolar chat room can provide you with great benefits regardless of your present condition. Whether you are manic, depressed, or plain silly, you can talk it over to somebody as long as you are in the chat room. There is nothing to worry about since the entire concept of chat is really easy. Soon, you will be chatting similarly to a professional. Never forget your humor when talking with other people online.

You can also listen to other people talk after logging in and then later on chat with other roommates to share what is on your mind. You will never fail in getting support from them because they also experience the same highs and lows like you do.

Sometimes you can simply log into the chat room to see other people. You will feel relieve because you are not anymore alone. In fact, there are lots of chatters who are doing this. Compared to online coffee houses, the experience is the same. Thus, never be surprised if coffee and donuts are also served through the computer monitor, virtually of course.

However, like everything normal in life, occasional aggravation may sometimes be present. A bipolar chat room is no exception. You will encounter a person who is rubbing and bugging you more often. The solution is quite easy, just click the “ignore” button. This will keep you from viewing what that person is writing. In the same manner, it also hides what you are writing.

If you are a new comer, you need to familiarize some “lingo”. The most common acronyms are PDOC or Psychiatrist, TDOC or Therapist, and LMBPAO or laughing my bipolar ass off. Others are the same like what you have seen in normal chat rooms. It includes cyl or see you later, brb or be right back, lol or laughing out loud, and cyber hugs ((( )))).

Never forget that a bipolar chat room has also its own rules, chatiquette, and guidelines. It is very important to understand it. Normally, a bipolar chat is a hosted chat according to schedule. During the scheduled chats, the hosts are there. However, hosting is not available on a 24-hour basis. So, it is necessary to keep the environment supportive and respectful for everyone. It is encouraged to click the “ignore” button whenever a troublesome chatter enters in case the host is absent. The hosts are not doctors. They also never pretend, but sharing their opinions is done freely and openly.

It is much easier to get acquainted if you use a nickname when you first enter a bipolar chat room. It is friendlier and nicer than using “guest”. This will encourage other people to know you better. You will not go astray because websites already provide their log-in page with the guidelines on how to set up your password and nickname. The things that are asked upon application is your name, desired nickname, and email address. Always check the bulk folder of your email since you could also receive messages through it. The process depends on your internet service provider. The password sent to you by the website is needed to log-in successfully into their bipolar chat room. You can change this password once you logged in.

Never be overwhelmed if you will receive a thousand hellos. This is a normal way of acknowledging your arrival. Some new comers first observe what’s going on inside the chat room. After familiarizing the atmosphere, they will start to chat. Shy people can directly speak with someone who patiently listens to others. Never be afraid to talk to the hosts and express who you are. If you don’t know where to begin, just suggest a topic, it is pretty sure that somebody in the chat room will respond.

A bipolar chat room is created for people suffering from a bipolar disorder, their families and loved ones to support them to leading normal and healthy lives again. Always remember that you can meet people of all ages, personalities, nationalities, and religions. So, just enjoy and have fun.