The Importance of Exercise for Healthy Aging

If you’ve been curious about the importance of exercise during the aging process, then
you’re probably already aware that exercise is one of the best things that you can do to
increase your quality of life. Exercise can help you to maintain a level of activity that
helps you to combat depression, isolation and some physical ailments. People who
don’t exercise are more likely to fall into these behaviors, so what other reason could
there be for staying active? The next few paragraphs will be exploring some of the
reasons you need exercise for healthy aging.

Long Term Beneficial Exercise

All exercise that is within healthy limits is great for you, but the most beneficial form of
exercise that you can do for your lifetime is aerobic exercise. These types of exercises
help you to perform the duties of everyday life with strength and confidence. They also
give you a proper amount of heart rate increase is you do them frequently. This helps
improve the elasticity of your arteries by more than 33%. This helps with blood pressure
control, which prevents a lot of the condition associated with heart disease. This type of
exercise also helps you to keep endurance, so you won’t become tired during tasks as
quickly as you would if you were a lot less active.

Stimulate Waste Removal

As people grow older, they move around a lot less, which can have terrible
consequences for people who were previously more active. Activity helps break up
lymph, and wastes in the body. If you are less active over time, these wastes can
buildup in places in the body and result in sudden issues that require medical
intervention. People who do a large portion of their work while sitting are admonished to
get up for a moment at least once and hour to keep healthy circulation. Imagine how
unhealthy it could be if this was going on without interruption for years.

Human Contact and Safety

One great way to get motivated to get out and move around is to see other people.
Spending time with others and getting physical activity in can be lifesaving. Another
great reason to go with others, is that it can be dangerous for older people to go on long
walks alone if they have decreased mobility, but if they are with friends, they can be
safer to engage in exercise without having to worry about safety to such a high degree.