Yoga Moves You Can Do With Your Partner

When people think of yoga they tend to think of a solitary practice. At most, they think of how people are involved in a class setting. There is a misconception that yoga is a stand alone or solitary practice, but you may be interested to find that there are several poses you can do as … Read more

Bedtime Yoga For Better Sleep

When you start a sleep routine, you may be looking at a routine that is for better sleep and relaxation. The closest you get to having yoga in your sleep routine is to add it in as a meditation option in the lotus position. You may not even think about yoga as something that can … Read more

Gear You Should Bring to Your First Yoga Class

So, it’s time for your first yoga class. You are ready to go and ready to get started on the stretches and stress relief you have been told so much about. The trick is, you may not know what to bring to that first class. You may not know what is expected and what may … Read more

Hatha Poses You Can Do While Traveling

Trying to find a form of exercise you can do while traveling can be tiresome. You need something that has little to no equipment. You need something that can be done in a small space, like a hotel room. You also need an exercise that is still worth doing for your body and can be … Read more

Hatha Yoga Poses For Back Pain

One of the biggest complaints people have about body aches and pain is back pain. This can be due to your job, especially if you work in a manufacturing or labor industry. You may also have back pain due to extreme weight gain or loss, an accident, or because you are sitting for too many … Read more

Hatha Yoga Poses For Stress Relief

Yoga is usually mentioned as a natural remedy for stress relief. This is due mostly in part to the meditational aspect of the practice. In addition to the meditation aspect of the tradition, there are also poses that can help with stress relief. If you are new to practicing the Hatha yoga style, you may … Read more

How to Learn the Headstand

Doing a headstand is part of several poses that you will do in advanced and intense yoga practice. There are several benefits to doing headstand based asanas or poses including circulation and meditation benefits. If you are interested in moving forward with your yoga practice and adding some of the asanas that go with headstands, … Read more

Importance of Building a Solid Foundation in Yoga

With anything that will last, you need to have a strong foundation. This is true of homes, education, and your yoga practice. You need a solid foundation in yoga for certain poses and to make sure you do not injure yourself. Here are some important reasons you need to build a solid foundation in yoga … Read more

The Easiest Hatha Yoga Poses For Beginners

When you first start out in yoga, you may find that some of the poses are not that easy for you to accomplish. You may find that you are straining a bit or that you just aren’t able to complete the pose properly. When you switch yoga styles, you may run into the same exact … Read more

Tips For Improving Your Yoga Flexibility

When you started your yoga practice, you likely had weight loss or tension release in mind. You may not have expected to stick with yoga as long as you have or to want more out of your yoga practice. One of the benefits you may want to gain from your yoga practice is to improve … Read more