How to Prepare for Winter Mountain Biking Adventure

Mountain biking is more commonly done during summer. But if you feel like riding during the cold season where everyone is hibernating in their homes, you are free to do so. But just like any other winter activities, certain preparation is necessary to ensure the safety of every member of your team. I said “team” … Read more

Notes When Buying a Mountain Bike There are several things that are to be considered when buying a mountain bike.

To the uninitiated, mountain bikes appear the same. High riding position, horizontal handle bars, wider tires, sturdier frames. There are however several variables to a mountain bike. While they may look basically the same, the components and the general build will determine the terrain that it will be best suited to. What is your riding … Read more

Mountain Bike Upgrades

If you are doing a lot of mountain bike riding, there is a great chance that sooner you will find that your current mountain bike that was fitted with the basics will no longer be enough. Being too familiarized with your present bike and the terrain that you ride it on open up those things … Read more

Safety Tips when Mountain Biking in Cold Weather

Mountain biking in cold weather brings a whole new challenge and lots of fun. But just like any other outdoor activities, extra safety precautions are important: Clothing Weather can be very unpredictable on high altitude especially during cold season. Be sure that you wear the right types of clothes. Wear extra layers of clothing to … Read more

Mountain Bikes – Frame Designs

The frame of the mountain bike is without question the most important factor to determine whether the bike could make the grade or not. Like most goods that are for sale, the better the quality is, the more expensive the goods become and so the materials used in mountain bikes determine in large part the … Read more

Shopping for Mountain Bike for the First Time

When buying a mountain bike, decide first the riding style that you really want to do most. Buying a mountain bike after only looking at the first few ones you inspected is very tempting. This often happens because mountain bikes, at a glance look basically the same. It is usually loaded with features and stuff, … Read more

Mountain Bikes – Suspension Choices

Mountain bikes are specialized machines designed to meet specific needs. Early mountain bikes are built with a rigid frame and fork. As the hobby caught, so have the need to augment the design to fit more to the terrain it is already being used. In the early 1900’s the mountain bike was fitted with suspension … Read more

Stay Away from Danger: An Idiot Guide to Mountain Biking

The basic skill needed to ride a road bike maybe the same with mountain bike. The main difference however is the terrain. While it is easier to manage on smooth paved road, off-road is entirely a different story. Mountain biking requires better skill and more conscious riding. Here are some of the things you should … Read more

Mountain Biking Accessories Must Haves

Entering a bike shop, it is very overwhelming for beginners to see a wide array of mountain biking products, each shouting, “buy me!” The question now is, “should you give in?” While many biking product are indeed necessary, there are some you can ride without or nice to have. Here is a list of necessary … Read more

Top Reasons Why You should not Quit Mountain Biking

Not because you hit a wall or crashed 20 feet down the cliff, it doesn’t mean that you can hang your bike in the garage and watch television all day. Mountain biking, in the first place, should be fun. And some accidents, while often humiliating or painful, are just part of the sport. You probably … Read more

Mountain Biking: Bike Maintenance

Any seasoned biker would agree that physical preparation is important to keep you going on the trial. But no amount of exercise and training is enough if you do not ensure the condition of your bike. As your body needs to be prepared, your bike has to be fit for the trip as well. Bike … Read more

Mountain Biking Conduct and Etiquette

As a recreational activity, mountain biking should be fun. But that doesn’t mean you free to do whatever you want. When riding on national parks and public trails, you are more likely to encounter hikers, joggers and horseback riders using the same trails. Since you are traveling at a faster speed than others, it is … Read more